Tastiera apertura elettronica codici a tempo

Electronic Timed Opening Keyboard

Electronic lock Electronic timed opening keypad for opening doors for B&B rooms Hotels b n b

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Electronic lock with temporary codes - ITALIAN PRODUCT - CE -

Electronic lock with timed opening Access controlControllo accessiCONTACT The expert of the electronic timed opening lock

With the access control encrypted codes even the small hotels or B & B or airbeb can be equipped with modern systems for opening the rooms and considerably reducing energy costs .... at really interesting prices.

Electronic keyboard for electric lock. The ideal solution for small hotels or hotels or airbnb to enable the temporary code lock that allows your guest to access the door, comfortably wherever you are, without having to hand over the keys. Here's how to open your hotel with keyless locks.

No problem for key collection or night or weekend arrivals at your property.

With the GUEST KEY keyboard, the owner sets days in which the guest can access, while at the same time for the established days electricity is delivered with significant energy savings.

Open the door without keys, without card, without badge, just by entering a simple access code! with electronic lock with numeric codes.

The GUEST KEYLESS system does not need wi-fi / modem / sim connections. It works with our encrypted algorithms.

The main characteristics of access controls with electronic lock:

Energy saving, when the code expires, the electrical utilities (air conditioning, oven, lights, etc.) are automatically deactivated.

Here's how it works:

1) The owner of the B&B generates the code (7 digits) of the room for the days of stay in the structure.

2) The owner sends the generated codes by email or whatsapp to the guest.

3) The customer introducing himself in the structure and typing the codes in the electronic keypad will open the door, at the same time all the services will be activated in the room (light, air conditioning, etc.)

4) The customer at the end of the stay, when he leaves the room, the door opening codes will no longer work and all services will be automatically disabled.

The GUESTKEY control system is the ideal solution that allows guests to be accommodated in the room, without the need for physical presence of staff in the hotel!

No internet connection nor bluetooth or wireless, easy installation.

A valid alternative to hotel electronic locks, combination lock or electronic lock with badge or keyless.

electronic lock keypad for b & b timed codes


The electronic keyboard fits perfectly in the 503 electrical boxes

electronic keyboard with time codes

The operating mode is very simple and very intuitive:

Normally the keyboard flashes with discreet (red) light, so as to be visible even in the dark.

When the 7-digit code is entered, the color changes to green and emits a small beep .... and the door opens and the electric users are activated.




ENERGY SAVING energy saving

energy savingenergy saver

energy saving - Disconnection of electrical utilities (Air conditioning, oven, lights etc ..)

Electrical utilities are activated only for the time the room is occupied.




Here is how the CODES work:

The owner will have an OPENING AND PROGRAMMING CODE, which will be unique and cannot be changed. With this code, it can open all the doors of the structure and activate the electrical services.

Maids will have a unique code, for all hotel doors. Said code that can be changed (by the owner) ... very useful if you change the service staff !!

Energy saving, when the maid enters to tidy up the room, even if the client has finished the stay, the electric utilities will activate for 2 hours. But if you want to remove the energy before the two hours have elapsed, just press any key

Guest will be given a code (by the owner), said code will be timed and will only open the booked room and for the set time will activate the room power

 keyless keyboard programming

CODES generation

The codes are created by our platform

By logging in with the name of the structure and its password

You will find yourself in the screen of your structure with the relative rooms highlighted.

Selecting the room and choosing the days of stay of the guest will create a code that will be sent by email to the customer.

Everything remotely without being physically in the structure.

Ability to keep a log log

 sending room opening codes with whatsapp

Send the door opening code to your guest ... for whatsapp the code created, for opening the room.

NB: no code will be sent to the keyboard, but via our ENCRYPTED ALGORITHM

despite the keyboard is not connected to the internet ... the door will magically open



 sending codes by e-mail for opening doors

Send the door opening code to your guest directly by email, the code created, for opening the room.

NB: no code will be sent to the keyboard, but via our ENCRYPTED ALGORITHM

despite the keyboard is not connected to the internet ... the door will magically open



hotel door opening with numeric keypad

With the code communicated, the customer the customer opens the door (for the established period) and at the same time the electrical consumers of the room will activate for the predetermined period ENERGY SAVING or ENERGY SAVER

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 electronic lock for hotelsGO TO THE ELECTRONIC LOCK INSERTION



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questions Alessandro on 2020-11-09

buonasera, per installare la guestkey che tipo di serratura bisogna applicare al portone? in particolare il mio è in legno con possibilità di applicare la serratura esternamente. grazie


Salve, per il guestkey è solo necessario avere una semplice serratura con incontro elettrico

questions sebastiana on 2020-09-30

Ciao, sono in apertura B&b avrei bisogno di sapere come collegare fisicamente il comando con codice alla serratura. In sostanza l'installazione di tutto.


Salve, basta solo collegare i due fili all’incontro elettronico della serratura, le istruzioni sono chiare e dettagliate

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Electronic Timed Opening Keyboard

Electronic Timed Opening Keyboard

Electronic lock Electronic timed opening keypad for opening doors for B&B rooms Hotels b n b

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