Energy saving - pocket for energy saving

Energy Saving with an encoded key included - save up to 65% of electricity.

Including wall box!

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Energy saving

Energy saving risparmio energetico CONTACT The expert of the pocket energy saving price

With energy saving system even small hotels or B & B can be equipped with modern systems to considerably reduce energy costs for hotel energy efficiency .... at very attractive prices.

The energy saving system STOP AND GO can help save over 65% of the electricity consumption of a hotel room or student dormitory and, unlike normal energy saving appliances, only authorized cards STOP AND GO allow you to power the room. Other cards, such as a common business card or credit card, do not allow the activation of energy.

When the guest enters the room and insert their card into the STOP AND GO system, it gives power to all the electrical equipment.

The energy saving home automation system is the ideal solution that allows you to save over 65% on electricity


HERE IS WHAT WE PROVIDE for hotel energy efficiency:(go to the technical sheet)

  • n. 1 Stop and Go for hotel savings with a maximum load of 30 A and a box to be installer

The operating mode of the energy saver is very simple and very intuitive

here are the characteristics of the energy saving home automation hotel - energy saver

energy saver

Energy saving pocket badge / card holder ENERGY SAVING intelligent system for energy saving. The customization of the personalized badge holder can be up to 4 colors.




energy saving system

When the guest enters the room, by inserting the card in the energy saver, all the services desired by the hotel management are activated (for example: lights, TV, heating, air conditioning, etc.).

 energy saving home automation

When the customer leaves the room and removes the card from energy saving, the power supply is automatically removed, to avoid wasting energy. The pocket recognizes only the card provided by the structure. This device works using the appropriate card (included).

It is advisable to connect the room door key to the card via a ring so that the guest is forced to remove the card from his pocket when he has to leave.

Or buy our access control in order to open the room and turn on / off the lights

 energy saving pocket

N. 1 card holder pocket for energy saving.

The ENERGYSAVING pocket is illuminated with a discreet light, so as to be visible even in the dark and when the card is inserted, the courtesy LED goes off.


here is what we provide you with saving energy:

n. 1 magnetic badge key (cannot be cloned) or hotel energy saving card.

n. 1 pocket for personalized badges (on request with a surcharge)

n. 2 fixing screws

N. 1 plastic badge holder box to be walled in or also to be fixed externally.

energy save


this is what energy saving looks like, if you don't want to do large masonry works.

personalized energy-saving badge holders

Features: External dimensions of the device 87 x 87 mm.
 energy saving boxElegant plastic box for energy saver to be walled in or also to be fixed externally.


schema elettrico per risparmio energetico saving energy


POWER SUPPLY: 220 Volts (+-10%)

LOAD: in relay for a 30 Ampere load



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