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Motorized external sliding door with 1 door



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€3,051.98 (tax excl.)
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  • ABET
  • Laminato - Avorio
Panel size
  • 80x210
  • 90x210
Direction of opening
  • 1A - A sinistra
  • 2A - A destra
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Motorized external sliding door with 1 door

motorized sliding leaded rx door

Rx sliding door outside the wall porta reiCONTACT The Hospital Doors Expert

The external sliding leaded door with anti-x motorized opening system for medical facilities and hospitals. With wooden case covered with plastic laminate.

Technical characteristics of sealed doors

leaded hospital doors rx door section

The leaded doors have a finished thickness of 46 mm. It is made up of seven layers:

- central layer in 2 mm lead foil;

- 2 panels of extra hard high density mineral fiber of 4 mm;

- honeycomb surrounded by a double perimeter frame, honeycomb in phenolic resin-coated cardboard;

- 2 plastic laminates 9/10 thickness; the standard color is white or sand.

-Anti x lead with first casting lead sheet mm. 2 calibrated and brushed.

- any lead thickness on request. The price of the lead sheet varies according to the thickness of the lead itself.

frame section with sliding lead

the FRAME of the doors for healthcare facilities: It is made of solid wood with lead foil. Interlocking architraves with interposed lead sheet. A) Profile for panel stop with internal display function and seat for inserting the profile

B) External view of the leaded doors with interposed lead sheet mm. 2 with subframe cover function.

sliding leaded door hardware

The hardware of the rx door is composed of:
One track with aluminum cover
Trolleys suitable for the brush that will be installed
Vertical lock with free / busy hook or Yale
Recessed handles or fixed handles in very thick aluminum of the accident prevention type.

The motorized sliding hospital doors are supplied complete with a motorized opening system.

motorized crossbar with sliding leaded door

The motorized sliding hospital doors are supplied complete with a motorized opening system.

Supporting Crosspiece with Removable Interlocking Cover.

24 V Motor Adjustable Transmission Parts Belt Tensioner Speed Reducer Electronic Control

sliding door motorized system control unit

Intelligent Control Unit for Sliding Door, for the control of the Safety, Opening, Closing and Position Devices

With Passive Infrared Motion Detectors, Adjustable Approach.

Scanner test certificazione porta piombata anti X
Test di laboratorio porta piombata 3 mm
The finish of the leaded door can be chosen in the standard colors; non-standard available as an extra. Lead sheet in compliance with UNI 6450-69 standards, quality 99.9% min. Lead with radiometric value in accordance with Legislative Decree n ° 230 of 17/03/1995. Followed by certificate of conformity. X-ray protective door with lead foil competitive price.

The sliding door outside the push-in wall

leaded sliding door outside the wallThe leaded sliding door can also be available without a motorized system. See the product.

HERE ARE SOME OF OUR SOLUTIONS for hospital automatic doors

doors for hospitalshospital doors
Sliding doors for hospital rooms with leadDouble-leaf and visual hospital doors
leaded doorsautomatic leaded hospital doors
Automatic doors for hospitalsAnti x doors or anti x door with leaded glass for radiology

The DOOR has a sliding HONEYCOMB DOOR with motorized opening and is LEADED with lead mm. 2, can also be a swing.

All our leaded doors for dentists, hospitals and X-ray rooms are available in various sizes, in order to adapt and respond perfectly to your furnishing and functionality needs.
In addition, an anti x PB mm glass window can be inserted. 1.0 cm. 24x30 or cm. 30x40. The materials we use are carefully selected and the production process is scrupulous.

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