Skirting board for flat wire passage

SKIRTING PLINTH Wire passage 2.25 rods

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€7.49 (tax excl.)
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Skirting Skirting Wire passage

Skirting porta blindateCONTACT the expert in flush-to-wall skirting boards

zoccolino battiscopa Battiscopa bianco battiscopa bianco


Wooden skirting allows you to pass small cables.
Our skirting boards are quality products available in fixed lengths of 225cm with a thickness of 12 mm and 90 mm in height with a small internal groove of mm. 5 x 80. We use water-resistant HDF as support material to which a layer of glue is applied which guarantees excellent resistance and adhesion of the essence.
This coating (laminate) of excellent quality allows it to resist over time even in unfavorable conditions (humidity or even water).
Numerous essences are available with matt or matrix finishes or with veins.
We can also carry out special productions on customer request, starting from a minimum quantity of 500 linear meters, customizing the color, essence and finish..
The skirting collection has a very hard and extremely smooth surface without micropores making it easy to clean. The skirting board was created to match any type of flooring: ceramic, LVT, laminates and parquet.

PLINTH 100% waterproof, it does not undergo deformation.

Skirting skirting board in HDF WATER RESISTENT with reduced thickness and modern square edge, excellent for resin and ceramic floors. Height mm. 90 with modern square border
Thickness 12 mm Length from cm. 225 in HDF WATER RESISTENT with reduced thickness and modern squared edge.
Internal useful space mm. 80 x 5 - for passing small electrical cables
Height mm. 90 with modern square border
Thickness mm 12
Length rods da mm 2250.
(No minimum purchase and we remind you that the price is intended for auction from ml. 2,25).
battiscopa zoccolino
There are no minimum purchases, as the price is auctioned at the time of purchase, enter the auctions you need in the box.
EXTRA WORKINGS: On all our skirting boards grommets we can do extra work.

SPECIAL PIECES for SKIRTING COVERS: This model of HDF skirting board does not have special pieces in the range such as edges, corners and terminals, but we can prepare the first two on pieces of about cm. 20 each, the cost for each cut is € 4.80 (each corner and each edge have 2 cuts respectively).

battiscopa legno bianco zoccolino battiscopa
  • With our hdf socket you can also pass small cables.
  • Measurements central space: height mm. 85 x 5.
  • Rods length mm 2250
  • No minimum purchase but we always remember that the price refers to auctions from ml. 2,25
  • available: white skirting board - white wooden skirting board or wood colors - ikea skirting board or leroy merlin skirting board

  • Here are our other skirting board solutions:

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