Porta Scorrevole Scomparsa Noce Nazionale con maniglietta Porte Interne

Concealed Sliding Door National Walnut

Casket interior doors in Cherry / National Walnut / Natural Tanganyika Walnut colors

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217 € tax incl.

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  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • 100x210x11
  • Oversized in width
  • Oversized in height
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  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)

  • Concealed sliding door inside the wall

Porte scorrevoli a scomparsa noce


The pocket sliding door gives an original and modern look to the rooms. A concealed solution, free of space, offers the advantage of "freeing" the walls.

A real resource when there are space problems and an excellent solution in terms of architecture and design in larger interiors. Thanks to the various configurations of materials and finishes in which they can be made. Once the internal wall sliding door counter frame has been installed, the installation can also be performed with the DIY technique.

Hidden Sliding Door Installation

Hidden Sliding Door Installation

With video tutorials we explain how to easily install your wooden sliding door starting from a casket counter frame already installed up to the correct installation of the lock. So you can easily assemble your sliding door with the DIY technique!


Standard measures Casket doors

linea orizzontale

Passage opening in width
60cm - 70cm - 80cm - 90cm - 100cm

Passage light in height
210 cm

Wall thickness
da 10cm a 13cm

Possibility of making oversize

Finishes available:

linea orizzontale

Cherry, Tanganyika Walnut, National Walnut, Wengè, White, Blanched Oak, Gray Oak, White Rosewood, Dove-Gray Rosewood, White Matrix, Larch, Horizontal Walnut

Types of opening of our doors:

linea orizzontale

Tipologia di apertura porta a battenteTipologia di apertura prota a libroTipologia porta scorrevole a scomparsaPorta scorrevole esterno muro
Hinged door

Single and double door

Symmetrical folding door

Concealed sliding door inside the wall

Single and double door
External sliding wall

Single and double door
  • Characteristics of the retractable sliding doors

Anta porta battente

Walnut sliding door leaf:
(thickness mm 44) Door panel in Matrix White laminate consisting of a perimeter frame in dried and woodworm-treated spliced fir wood, internal filling with honeycomb in resin-coated cardboard and support from mm. 4.

Telaio porte in laminato

Straight frame:
(from mm 112x 40) sliding door jamb cheap prices in fir with perimeter structure in HDF WATERPROOF coated with scratch-resistant melamine with lateral grooves for interlocking of the architraves. The frame allows to adapt to walls ranging from cm. 11 to cm. 13.

Straight casings: (from mm 72 x 16): in WATERPROOF HDF coated with white Matrix scratch-resistant melamine, with fin mm. 25 for fitting into the frame.

Serratura per porte scorrevoli a scomparsa

Toothbrush holder:
(from mm 40 x 16) in FIR covered in scratch-resistant laminate, with joint for toothbrush and architraves.

Brushes and Gaskets: included.

Handle: included in brass with dragging thimble, it is also possible to have a lock with key in the finishes: Chrome, Brass or Burnished.

Telaio Porte interne water resistant

The frames and trims of the concealed sliding doors are waterproof and water resistant. Normally, in fact, with the passage of time the jambs and architraves could deteriorate. With the introduction of our technology, there is no risk of aesthetic or structural damage.

Telaio Porte interne water resistant

The opening direction of the laminate sliding doors does not matter when ordering, as they can be upright in both directions during installation. The next image also helps you to detect the measures needed to order your casket door.

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