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External wall sliding door with mirror

External Sliding Doors with Mirror and Invisible Magical Track

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€868.28 (tax excl.)
Choose the Color
  • Laminato - Bianco
  • Laminato - RAL
Direction of opening
  • 1A - A sinistra
  • 2A - A destra
Hole size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • 100x210x11
  • Fuori misura in larghezza
  • Fuori misura in altezza
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External wall sliding door with mirror

Sliding door with mirror outside the wall portoncino blindato prezzi CONTACT The External Sliding Door Expert

Magical exterior sliding track door with mirror Full mirror external sliding door Sliding door outside magic mirror wall

A MAGICAL sliding door with mirror is the sliding door with a minimalist structure with minimal impact, which fits perfectly into any confined space. Its discretion and minimalism make it suitable for filling off-limit places for traditional sliding doors, giving the environment an unparalleled aesthetic cleanliness. It can be a functional and creative choice!

The external sliding glass doors are functional and beautiful to look at, with the track completely hidden they embellish your home more. The mirror door is presented without any visible support nor any rail. Finishing to furnish and personalize the environments.

The installation of the sliding wooden door with applied glass, in the presence of a well-finished compartment, does not present particular difficulties, to be carried out also with the DIY technique. See the installation picture of the external sliding flush-to-the-wall doors

Technical characteristics of the external wall sliding door

TYPE: Sliding doors outside the wall cheap prices with MAGICAL rail and mirror.

DOOR: External glass door panel with mirror on the external side and white lacquered internal side.

Magical patented track

Discover our sliding doors prices with delivery to your home!

sliding glass doors outside the wall with mirror

Clean and clear lines for an elegant and functional external sliding mirror door with a sober and rational presence on the flush-to-the-wall doors.


sliding door panel section

External sliding door panel with mirror application on the entire external surface and lacquered on the internal side.

Magical sliding systemAluminum amortized track with invisible sliding system with 80 kg capacity, to be installed on pre-squared wall.
Details of the sliding system with invisible track and hidden wheel in the lower part of the door.
external sliding door opening

OPENING DIRECTION of modern doors


type of opening of the sliding door outside the wall

OPENING DIRECTION of the doors Doors flush with the wall to slide outside the wall


sliding glass door outside the wallSliding door here are the dimensions to check.

Here you can find our other solutions similar to the chosen model

sliding door external casket wall

Here you find the solution of invisible external sliding doors without visible track, great idea for hiding a walk-in closet or bathroom in the bedroom.

Hinged door with invisible hinges or mirrors and baroque frame

Swing door with invisible hinges, mirror and baroque frame

If you don't have the space available in the wall to slide the door but still want to hide your niche with a stylish door see here the swing version of the door with mirror and Baroque Magical frame.

What is the difference between an external wall sliding door and a pocket sliding door​?

With an external sliding door you will not need to install the counter frame or casket which, especially in the case of environments already built, have a considerable cost due to the masonry work to be carried out..

With the DIY technique it is easy to assemble the sliding interior door.

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Product Details

Magical sliding door installation

Magical sliding door installation

An easy tutorial on installing the external sliding door with invisible track. An external wall sliding door with frame and the possibility of inserting a personalized print or a mirror, truly classy.

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