Retractable counter frame for sliding doors

Internal wall sliding door counter frame

For masonry or plasterboard (indicate after purchase)

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€198.05 (tax incl.)
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • 100x210x11
  • VAT al 4%
  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)
  • Easy
  • Amortized
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Counter frame for concealed sliding door

Counterframe  porta rei CONTACT The Expert of counter frames for sliding doors
TYPE: Counterframe (for the size 60/70/80/90) for concealed sliding doors. CHOOSE THE VERSION WITH SHOCK ABSORBER.
STRUCTURE (for 105 mm walls): Made up of galvanized sheet panels of mm. 6/10, with deep stiffening ribs along the entire length.
PLASTER NET: only in the masonry version the side panels are equipped with a plaster door mesh suitably riveted without any welding. To ensure greater and more effective engraftment of the cement mortar, avoiding the appearance of any oxidative processes.
PLASTERBOARD VERSION: reinforcement bars for mounting plasterboard.
ALUMINUM TRACK: Sliding track in extruded anodized aluminum.
TROLLEYS: (Capacity kg. 80) sliding carriages with polymer-coated ball bearings, for silent sliding. Finished plaster thickness 10.5 - 11 cm. Useful thickness inside the box cm. 7.0 plaster version while cm. 5 for the plasterboard version.

doors for masonry and plasterboard

EXPLOITING THE SPACE WITH HIDDEN DOORS Sliding doors give an original and modern look to the rooms. A concealed solution, free of space, offers the advantage of "freeing" the walls.

casket measures
A real resource when there are space problems and an excellent solution in terms of architecture and design in larger interiors.
For request on amortized movement, it is necessary to add € 30.00.
The installation of internal wall sliding doors to be carried out also with the DIY technique.
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Concealed subframe installation

Concealed subframe installation

With this video we explain how to easily assemble a casket counter frame for masonry. With the innovative and simple assembly you allow the disappearance of a sliding door to redevelop rooms and recover space.