White wall flush sliding door

Complete with track and valance

The direction of opening (Dx / Sx) is indifferent!

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€265.39 (tax incl.)
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  • Laminato - Noce Nazionale
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  • Laminato - Wengè
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External wall sliding door with track and valance

External sliding door  porta rei CONTACT The External Wall Sliding Doors Expert

  • Description

 External wooden sliding door without frame
If space permits, the external sliding doors are functional, competitive, beautiful to look at. Compared to retractable doors, they do not require an expensive counter frame and therefore masonry work for their installation.
The doors of the external sliding doors are always visible.
To allow passage, they slide and recline along the side walls of the compartment, which end up furnishing and personalizing. Suspended from a track placed inside a valance, the visible sliding doors move along the side wall of the compartment. To avoid the "flag waving", in the lower part there is a nib on the floor.

TYPE: Interior doors laminatino series Sliding external wall.
DOOR (thickness 44 mm): Door panel consisting of a perimeter frame in dried and anti-woodworm jointed fir wood, honeycomb in resin coated cardboard with a cell of mm. 22 mm support. of mm. 4 laminate finishing flat beat.
VALANCE: in wood covered in laminate. Track: in aluminum, capacity 80 Kg,with carriages on ball bearings.
TRUCKS: trolleys with Teflon wheels and with ball bearings for silent sliding.
Hardware: brass-plated handle.
The installation of external sliding doors, in the presence of a well-finished compartment, does not present particular difficulties, to be carried out also with the DIY technique.

Ivory lacquered external wall sliding door
 External Sliding Door Beige Without Frame

White wall external sliding door

 Sliding door opaque white exterior

External wall sliding door
in bleached oak

 External Bleached Oak Sliding Door

External wall sliding door in Wengé
External Sliding Wenge

External sliding door
in rosewood white / dove gray
Sliding long wall Palissandro white
Sliding along wall Rosewood dove gray
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