Divina Sliding track aluminum kg. 80

Divina Sliding aluminum track for wooden door kg. 80

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Technical features:

Innovative sliding system for sliding doors in wood or glass. A trend track at an affordable price.

Sliding door system Divina completely made of anodized aluminum steel. For wooden sliding doors of mm. 35- 50.

Binario in extruded aluminum anodized aluminum and length from cm. 200. Capacity Kg. 80. 

N. 2 Sliding pliers steel with Teflon-coated ball bearings.

N. 2 Limit switch stop.

N. 1 lower anti-flag Guide.

new sliding system "SLIDING DIVINA"


Kits available:

with track from ml. 2,00 price 125,00. 

with track from ml. 3,00 price 150,00. 

with track fromml. 4,00 price 175,00. 

with track from ml. 6,00 price 225,00. 


Binary in extruded aluminum of great thickness and length from cm. 200. Capacity Kg. 80.

Aluminum track

N. 2 Sliding pliers steel with Teflon-coated ball bearings.

 sliding grippers

N. 2 Limit switch stop  invisible.


N. 1 Glass Guide lower anti-flag, (for 8 - 10 mm thick glass).

 glass guide
Prepare the following millings.

Fix the supports with the sliding wheels with the special screws.


Hook the beam onto the door.


Tighten the locking screws. 



 Double handle
Double Satin stainless steel handle - diameter mm. 25 length mm. 400, for both sides.

Eur 40,00

Data sheet

 Round handle

Round handle mm. 58 (50 mm hole), for both sides.

Eur 15,00

Scheda Tecnica

 Square handle

 Square stainless steel handle, for both sides.

Eur 30,00

Scheda Tecnica

 Profile handle

Stainless steel square profile handle 20 x 20 x 230, for both sides.

Eur 45,00

Scheda Tecnica

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