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Sliding door track for wood


CM 125/140/180/200/250 


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€34.22 (tax incl.)
Tracks measures
  • cm. 125
  • cm. 134
  • cm. 145
  • cm. 160
  • cm. 180
  • cm. 200
  • cm. 225
  • cm. 250
  • cm. 300
  • cm. 350
  • cm. 400
  • cm.450
Tracks flow rate
  • Kg. 40
  • Kg. 80
  • Kg. 120
Type of attack
  • A soffitto
  • Laterale
Track and valance
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Rail for sliding door with ceiling or side attachment complete with trolleys and any valance

The do-it-yourself sliding door is a very valid solution in our modern homes. The do-it-yourself sliding door, in addition to performing the functions of a very common door, serves to reduce the space that would otherwise be occupied by the classic swing door during opening and closing. The main problem inside our homes, especially when thinking about modern city apartments, is that of space. And the DIY sliding door can offer us a big hand. Find out how easy it will be with our Sliding Door Track Kit, save money and space and make a sliding door with ease.

Sliding door track cm. 125/140/180/200/250 complete with all accessories for a door weighing kg. 40 or 80 kg or 120 kg . The track is in silver anodized aluminum (not raw iron) so as not to rust or oxidize, guaranteeing unaltered sliding over time. Suitable for ceiling installation, with lateral connections for hooking any valance to be purchased here:  


 track accessories   Track    trolley for sliding doors

Here's what we provide: N. 1 rail for external sliding door to the desired length N. 2 lateral clamps in solid nylon (prevent the door from bouncing at the end of travel during opening and closing) N. 1 floor guide accessory (anti-flagging) N. 2 trolleys with nylon wheels which, rotating on roller bearings, capacity kg. 40, kg. 80 or kg. 120, allow a light and silent sliding. N. 1 Envelope with screws and 1N plugs. Rubber stop to be inserted in the door panel to cushion wooden parts.

track accessories    track accessories

  • here is the section of the rail for external wall sliding door with valance


 track for external sliding door with pelmet

binario per porta scorrevole esterna

 we also have any additional pulleys:


Go to the page for the purchase of additional pulleys


  • we also have the Kit for sliding doors. 
  • Allows you to hook 2 parallel sliding doors. Suitable for wooden doors with a thickness of mm. 40/45/50. With adjustment of the lower nib according to the thickness of the door. 
  •  Kit for n. 1 door Euro 20.00 


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