Armored door Class 3 with Email Notice on Opening

Security doors in Natural and White Tanganyika Walnut and National Walnut finishes

Class 3 door with email alert system on opening

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Armored door Class 3 Email Notice on Opening

Armored door in class 3 with opening notice via email porta blindateCONTACT The Expert of armored doors

Armored door with white finish    Security door email alert on opening
Armored doors iBlind series

SAFETY and TECHNOLOGY marry. Compatible with Google Nest and Amazon Alexa
Imagine the convenience of knowing that when you open the front door, the front door discreetly sends you the "DOOR OPENING" email with the relative time. Particularly useful, when you have employees or service personnel and the door updates you when they enter and when they leave.
Also excellent as a simple alarm system!


A quality product guaranteed by over 45 years of experience in the sector. CLASS 3 certification according to UNI ENV 1627: 2000, UNI ENV 1628: 2000 standards; UNI ENV 1629: 2000. An armored door that optimizes the quality / price ratio, with all the technological innovation to always guarantee maximum safety.

The subscription fee for online management is € 25.00, the first year is included in the purchase.

Technical characteristics of our armored door


 armored doors subframe

The Counter frame of the armoured doors is manufactured of a 20/10-thick galvanized steel sheet, to wall up with 8 strong fixing brackets; complete with spacers and connecting brackets for adjustment.

 armored doors vertical section

The armoured door frame is manufactured of 15/10-thick folded steel, appropriately shaped to house the extruded rubber seal in the mulberry powder-coated stop.

  armored doors colors availableThe available colours are ΝATURAL TANGANYIKA WALNUT - WHITE - NATIONAL WALNUT

 white security door

The armoured door is manufactured of two steel structures with a 12/10 thickness, suitably welded so that it can form a non-deformable sandwich. Additional lock level reinforcement with 30/10-thick manganese steel plate: Reinforced hinges and changeover switches with 30/10 steel plate.

 armored doors lock European cylinder

The security lock on the double-bitted armoured door has four bolts plus hitch, and four high-security turns.

armored door diverters in steel

The two changeover switches of the armoured door are piston-shaped and in chromed steel, placed above and below the lock.

 armored door sash mobile threshold

Beaks from the side of the hinges, the armoured door is fitted into the jamb for additional anti-tear security.

Mobile sill to avoid drafts of cold air, here is a convenient accessory included in the supply.

  Armored doors opening limiter


Armoured doors - Opening limiter


The hinges of the armoured doors with bearings are adjustable.

 Armored door peephole 

The peephole of the armoured door is at a 120° wide-angle

 armored doors magnetic contact prices

Armoured doors are the most attacked access by thieves. The magnetic connection is essential for safety purposes. The iron of which the armoured door is manufactured can decrease the capacity of the magnetic sensor, for this reason, our connections are oversized, for a continuous use and to offer extra safety

 security door

Our armoured door is soundproof at 33 decibels and thermal transmittance at 1,8.

Options of the armoured door

Options ... of the armoured doors prices

 armored doors internal insulation

Further INSULATION of up to 36 DB and thermo-acoustic, with high density expanded polystyrene armoured doors attractive prices

 armored door electric strike

ELECTRICAL ACCESS of the armoured door is at 12 Volts for remote operation of the latch.


armored doors with opening with mobile phone


Armoured door with electronic opening

available in THREE versions:

- EASY BLUETOOTH opening with a mechanical key (not supplied) and with APP from your mobile phone

- EASY BLUETOOTH and KEYBOARD opening with a mechanical key (not supplied), with APP from your mobile phone and with keyboard - EASY BLUETOOTH, KEYBOARD and TRANSPONDER opening with a mechanical key (not supplied), with APP from your mobile phone, with keyboard and transponder.


 security door certification

Our basic model armoured door is soundproof at 33 decibels and thermal transmittance at 1,8.

 armored door soundproofing certification


Our SOUND model armoured door is soundproof at 36 decibels and thermal transmittance at 1,34.

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