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Home automation for hotels: here's how to get the benefits of the Tax Credit

Modern hospitality structures cannot help but take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology. In this context, home automation for hotels is one of the main tools available to entrepreneurs in the hotel sector. Thanks to the combination of lighting systems, temperature management and safety, it is possible to propose experiences suited to the needs of guests. The best practices to follow to design a hotel room we identified in home automation are one of the most important points.

Investing in home automation is worthwhile not only with a view to building a quality offer, but also from an economic point of view thanks to the Tax Credit. Let's find out what it is.

tax credit domotica

Advantages for investments in hotel home automation

The decree-law n. 83 of 2014, modified by the 2018 financial maneuver, introduces concessions to support hotels, holiday farms and spas that carried out maintenance interventions in 2018. The scope of the measure is quite wide, and includes interventions of:

    building renovation
    elimination of architectural barriers
    increase in energy efficiency

Likewise, incentives are also included for the purchase of furniture and furnishings for the structures subject to interventions. This area also includes elements capable of giving more character and safety to their rooms, such as REI doors.

The concessions are represented by a tax credit covering 65% of the expenses, used by the interested parties in two annual installments of the same amount. The benefit starts from the tax period following the one in which the interventions were carried out.

tax credit domotica

The interventions of the Tax Credit in favor of home automation for hotels

Home automation for hotels is part of the subsidized investments of the Tax Credit, falling within the section dedicated to the elimination of architectural barriers. As reported on the Confesecenti website, the interventions for which a tax credit of 65% is envisaged are:

    installation of home automation systems designed to remotely control the opening and closing of windows or sun screens
    replacement of finishes (floors, doors, window frames, system terminals), the refurbishment or adaptation of technological systems (toilets, electrical systems, intercom systems, lift systems, home automation);

The range of action within which it is possible to intervene, therefore, is quite wide. Systems capable of remotely controlling fixtures are involved, but also a more generic item linked to the adaptation of "technological systems", including those related to home automation for hotels.

tax credit domotica

The regulatory references for home automation for hotels

The reference site for the Tax Credit and the relative concessions for home automation interventions is that of the General Tourism Directorate. This page, in particular, includes the references related to the methods of sending the request, as well as the dates on which it is possible to proceed.

By connecting to the main page of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain information on the various initiatives and regulatory changes regarding tourism and management of accommodation facilities.

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Time references for home automation interventions for hotels

The compilation of the request to have access to the benefits for the installation of home automation systems for hotels must take place in the following times:

    exclusively from 10:00 on 21 February - 16:00 on 21 March 2019

The date of the Click day, relating to the submission of the application, is instead set as follows:

    exclusively from 10 am on April 3 - 4 pm on April 4, 2019

tax credit domotica

An opportunity to be seized on the fly

It is necessary to specify once again that the Tax Credit 2019 refers only to expenses incurred in 2018. This is an opportunity that rewards forward-looking entrepreneurs who have understood the potential of home automation for hotels.

Hotels, lodges and accommodation facilities in general that do not believe in home automation are destined to be left behind in time. In order not to risk being overtaken by one's competitors, it is necessary to invest in technology. Contact Porte Italiane: we will be able to offer you the most suitable home automation solutions for your hotel!