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Hpl internal doors with aluminum frame

Technical door for hospitals and for workplaces in HPL and aluminum frame

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Hpl interior doors with aluminum frame

Porte per interni con telaio in alluminiio  Porta in hpl per ambienti umidi antibatterico

Hpl internal doors with aluminum frame porta reiCONTACT The Door Expert for wet rooms or gyms

The HPL doors are made with a 10 / 12mm layered laminate panel, with rounded visible edges and aluminum frame. HPL doors are ideal for humid environments or for places where floor cleaning is done with a lot of water. It is perfectly suited for use in public facilities, school environments, offices, hospitals, swimming pools, public bathrooms, supermarkets etc. They are made in such a way as to guarantee the highest level of safety and cleanliness.

Its strong point is its high abrasion resistance and its easy maintenance. In fact, its composition makes it easy to clean and for this reason it is used in environments where a high level of cleanliness must be maintained.
Thanks to its composition it is able to guarantee a high level of resistance to deterioration.

Use of internal technical doors

The doors in stratified laminate offer a high level of reliability, thanks to their resistance to water and rust thanks to the aluminum frames. Therefore, they do not undergo deformation by humidity, they resist the chemical agents used in work environments, they are completely sanitizable and sanitizable. Fire reaction class certification 1.

Characteristics of HPL doors:

Porta in laminato HPL
ALUMINUM JAMB: rounded / embracing without any visible edge. ACCIDENT PREVENTION.
Consisting of extruded profiles in aluminum alloy 15/10 thick with telescopic interlocking with the uprights and crosspieces, assembled with aluminum brackets.
WIRE COVERS in aluminum
Serratura porta in vetro o pannelli da 8 a 12 mm

DOOR (thickness mm 10): Sturdy door in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) plastic laminate customizable in various colors. With reaction to fire in class 1.
On request it is possible to make it in Antibacterial laminate


Made with a die-cast body and aluminum covers.
Cerniere per porte in vetro e pannelli da 8 a 12 mm
HINGES in aluminum with a capacity of 50 kg for internal doors
GASKET anti-noise rubber in compliance with UNI 9122 standards.


porte tecnichePorte per ospedali
Hospital doorsDoors for healthcare facilities
porte tecniche Porta in hpl
Technical doorsSchool doors
porte tecniche Porta in hpl
Hospital doorsDoors for schools

For all information on extras & interior doors prices please contact our. Customer Service by sending an email to: [email protected]

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