Technical doors for communities and hospital

Technical door for hospitals and communities with Abet Print laminate and aluminum frame

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€443.13 (tax excl.)
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  • Laminato - Bianco
  • Laminato - Blu
  • Laminato - Rosso
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Right
  • Left
Handles (hover with the mouse to see the price):
  • Nessuna Maniglia
  • Maniglia Alluminio Bronzata + € 7,00
  • Maniglia Alluminio Argentata + € 8,00
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The doors with one panel in ABET PRINT laminate mm. 9/10 are suitable for public structures, schools, hospital offices. They are made with integral laminate - also in class 1 - and extruded aluminum frame and architraves.

James and Wire covers
JAMES: rounded / embracing without any visible edge. THEFT PROTECTION. Made up of extruded profiles in 15/10 thick aluminum alloy with telescopic joint with the uprights and crosspieces assembled with aluminum brackets.
WIRE COVERS  in extruded anodized aluminum 15/10alluminio anodizzato 15/10 estruso
PANELPANEL (44 mm thick): Door panel consisting of perimeter frame in dried jointed and treated anti-woodworm fir, honeycomb in resin-coated cardboard with mm cell. 22 mm support. 4 made with external sheets in 9/10 Abet Print laminate impregnated in a particular phenolic resin - color 2041 (sand) or white.
lock includedLOCK included
HINGES in number of THREE

GASKET in rubber according to UNI 9122 anti-noise standards

Technical door examples of technical doors
 examples of technical doors examples of technical doors
 examples of technical doors examples of technical doors


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