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Saloon Fan door 2 doors

Double fan door

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€567.44 (tax excl.)
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  • Laminato - Noce Orizzontale
Panel size
  • 130 x 215 (Ventola a 2 ante)
  • 150 x 215 (Ventola a 2 ante)
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Saloon doors

Saloon doors Porte invisibile CONTACT The Saloon Door Expert Prices

Far west doors with hinges Bommer saloon with hinges saloon doors "come and go" in HDF with 2 doors - attention in the swing doors there will be no saloon inscription KITCHEN.

To meet the needs of commercial premises or restaurants, push doors are defined as "Come and Go" and are saloon-type closures. The push door defined as "Come and Go" are used all those cases in which the door must be normally closed, but can be opened with the simple passage of the person.

Combined with modern design, it makes the kitchen door system the most resistant, advanced, elegant and convenient solution for collective environments.

Technical features of the swing door with hinges for saloon doors

The push doors defined "Come and Go" are saloon type closures and are used all those cases in which the door must be normally closed, but which can be opened with the simple passage of the person. They are equipped with saloon type door hinges

Swing door

Normally the to and fro doors with wooden vents do not have handles or locks.

TYPE: Door "come and go" interior Far West laminate series, suitable for public places.

DOOR: (thickness mm 44): N.2 Hinged door panels consisting of a perimeter frame in dried and anti-woodworm jointed fir wood, honeycomb in resin-coated cardboard with a cell of mm. 22 HDF support mm. 4 laminate finishing.

FRAME: of the saloon door (da mm 112x 40): jamb on both sides.

HARDWARE: saloon door hinge Bommer type in number of THREE, for heavy loads. The Bommer assembly hinges (saloon type hinges) of easy execution

 double-leaf fan doorSENSE OF OPENING: the opening direction does not matter as the door can be mounted either right or left. ATTENTION the frame only goes on the side of the saloon hinges. The version with double DOOR 'is comprised of transparent safety glass.
Doors saloons how to take measurementsHere's how to measure the swing door.
double-leaf fan doors with portholeThe dimensions of the visuals of the double swing doors are cm. 25x25 + 25 - The windows are complete with safety transparent glass, including to and fro hinges. The hinges type to and from assembly are in brass or chrome finishes.
 door comes and goes double door

Double wooden saloon door with fan door, version without sight glass

Here are some of our solutions for Saloon doors prices

Solutions ... of saloon fan doors

 wooden saloon doorsWooden saloon door with round porthole
 push door

Double door "ome and go" with aluminum frame

 saloon type doors"Come and go" kitchen door - fan opening door
push doors 2 glass doorsAll glass hinged saloon doors
 doors come and goWhite swing door with glass

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