Pair of Hoppe ANTIVIRUS handle for interior doors

Pair of Hoppe ANTIVIRUS handle for interior doors Paris SECUSAN E138Z / 42K / 42KS

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maniglia antimicrobica maniglia antimicrobica maniglia antimicrobica maniglia antimicrobica maniglia antimicrobica
  • German quality

maniglia antimicrobica

Hoppe a German quality product.
Double handle with washers for patent key hole, hexagonal key and screws for fixing handle and washers.

SecuSan® – Il nuovo standard dell'igiene

* Suitable for indoor use only
Touching a doorknob is like shaking hands with thousands of unknown people.
Hygiene is a much discussed topic in public opinion and today it is more relevant than ever.
Whether in clinics, schools, industrial complexes or recreational facilities, with DK SecuSan® handles and hammers, HOPPE has developed a solution that can offer active protection precisely where it is most required. SecuSan® is a special surface that immediately and permanently counteracts microbial proliferation.
It does not require maintenance and is suitable for prolonged use. Its high efficacy has been demonstrated in independent laboratory and practical tests.

The antimicrobial efficacy
The SecuSan® surface contains silver ions which are inserted into a glass ceramic support system. These are active components that can prevent the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae and fungi. The silver ions destroy the cell membrane of germs, blocking cellular respiration and nourishment and consequently interrupting cell division. Independent tests have shown that SecuSan® reduces the proliferation of germs by more than 99%.
The SecuSan® surface remains effective even with regular cleaning..
  • 10 year guarantee

maniglia antimicrobica
Examples of use
SecuSan® is highly effective due to the rapid application of antimicrobial properties.
Fittings with this type of surface are therefore particularly suitable for use in medicine and nursing, for example in clinics, doctor's surgeries, pharmacies, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, institutes or public facilities , i.e. in all those places where hygiene protection goes hand in hand with rapid effectiveness, high convenience and respect for the environment.
Thanks to its hygienic and functional properties, SecuSan® antibacterial and antimicrobial handles are suitable for various industrial uses as well as for the gastronomic and hotel sectors, responding to the high demands that arise in these areas regarding compliance with hygiene practices..
For more information on SecuSan® clicca qui

  • 10 year guarantee

maniglia antimicrobica
  • Product type: Crankset (maniglia/maniglia)
  • Version: Set on rose
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Finish: F69-S satin stainless steel - SecuSan® (suitable for indoor use only)
  • Foro: foro chiave normale
  • Category of use: Category of use 3 - DIN EN 1906
  • Spessore porta: 37-47 mm
  • Square size: 8 mm

  • Hoppe grants a 10-year guarantee on the function of all door and window fittings, results obtained through tests that simulate the real daily stress conditions to which a handle is subjected, therefore all the fittings pass the DIN EN 1906 directives with full marks.
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