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White lacquered interior door engraved Woman

Lacquered door with WOMAN engravings

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€383.37 (tax excl.)
Choose the Color
  • Laminato - Bianco
  • Laminato - RAL
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Right
  • Left
Handles (hover with the mouse to see the price):
  • Nessuna Maniglia
  • Maniglia Alluminio Bronzata + € 7,00
  • Maniglia Cervinia Ottone + € 12,00
  • Maniglia Valentina Ottone Lucido + € 27,00
  • Maniglia Alluminio Argentata + € 8,00
  • Maniglia Mood Cromo + € 45,00
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Lacquered door with WOMAN engravings

White lacquered interior door porta blindate CONTACT The Interior Doors Expert

Our wooden doors are made up of:

- DOOR / DOOR PANEL with perimeter wooden structure + internal honeycomb structure + real wood veneer

- FRAME in wood veneered in the same essence as the door

- WINDOWS / WIRE COVERS in wood veneered in the same essence as the door (standard escutcheon size: width 6.5 cm x thickness 1cm).

However, they are also available at extra cost, even in different sizes and types and increases in finishes, capitals, decorations, engravings or different "framing" systems other than the standard.

Porta laccata bianca o colorazioni RAL con incisioni Woman

The honeycomb panel represents, from a technical point of view, the best solution for obtaining structural elements that simultaneously possess lightness and mechanical strength:

  1. Lightness
  2. Stability
  3. Excellent resistance to pressure
  4. Ease of processing
  5. Excellent cost / quality ratio
  6. Ecological

The internal materials can be recycled and the door itself can be disposed of or recycled The measures, according to the Italian standard are: width and height (expressed in centimeters):




67 X 213 X 11 CM

75 X 217,5 CM

70 X 215 CM

77 X 213 X 11 CM

85 X 217,5 CM

80 X 215 CM

87 X 213 X 11 CM

95 X 217,5 CM

90 X 215 CM

97 X 213 X 11 CM

105 X 217,5 CM

100 X 215 CM

We are the first company to offer a unique solution of its kind.

The frame and the architraves are waterproof and resistant to water.

After a certain number of years, the jambs and architraves may deteriorate.

With the introduction of this technology, there is no risk of any aesthetic and / or structural damage.

The frame and the cover are made of wood and treated waterproof HDF


For all information on extras & surcharges, contact our number in advance. Customer Service by sending an email to: [email protected]

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Vero Legno
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Con incisioni

Video Istruzione Montaggio porte battenti

Swing door assembly

With our short tutorial on assembling interior swing doors, assembling them will be extremely easy. In fact, you can install them directly using the DIY technique.

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