Flap Door Bookcase

Flap door

Secret bookcase door Hidden room with wall of 10 cm

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Direction of opening
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  • Porta a bilico spingere sx
  • Porta a bilico spingere dx
  • Porta a bilico tirare dx
  • Porta a bilico tirare sx
  • Porta a bilico libero 360
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Flap door

Flap doorPorta a bilicoCONTACT The Flap Door Expert

porte a bilico linvisibile libreria porta bilico

Flap door bookcase ..... One of the dreams shared by book lovers is to have a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase. A private place where you can hide and immerse yourself in reading away from the outside world. The flush-to-the-wall secret door is the ideal modular solution for separating two rooms and making access invisible, taking advantage of the elegance of a modern bookcase. Access is via a hidden library door behind which there is a small reading room that no one knows. A sort of closet for the city of Narnia that instead of transporting you to a world of fantasy you take to a private room ..

Technical characteristics of the flap doors

subframe of invisible door

The Frame of the Secret Library Door is in passivated extruded aluminum (alloy EN AW 6060- Anticorodal 063) which replaces the box (upholstery-jamb). Including top retractable steel hinge.
 vertical invisible balanceKevlar plaster net , prevents the onset (even after years) of unsightly cracks between the wall and the flap doors..
 invisible pivot doorsPanel with honeycomb structure made with perimeter frame in solid wood and SOUNDPROOFING with high density polyestyrene inside covered with 2 sheets of Class 1 smoothed MDF with low formaldehyde emission. Soft rubber stop gasket (pre-installed), which makes closing soft and silent..
 invisible vertical pivot door magnetic lockMAGNETIC LOCK as standard, on request we can apply the INVISIBLE total concealed magnetic lock
invisible pivot doorThe hinges The innovative hinges for flap doors .... the highest quality on adjustable bearing, for flap height we can make any measure.
invisible door

Vertical flap door or American flap door painted like the wall

door height pivot on the ceilingFlush-to-wall flap door with external covering with wallpaper.

Vertical flap door options

Options ... of vertical flap doors

 the invisible magnetic retractable lockInvisible lock on flap door - perfect flatness without any protrusions.
 invisible lock on mirrorELECTRIC invisible lock on flap door with applied mirror. A touch of class.
Eletric strike

Electric strike low voltage for invisible operation!


Dimensions and section of Vertical Flap doors

 door section invisible pivot heightSection flap height
 Section of the invisible doors Flap section width

Tipologia delle Porte a bilico

tipologia di apertura porte a bilico
  • apertura LIBERO A 360°
  • apertura a SPINGERE DESTRA
  • apertura a SPINGERE SINISTRA
  • apertura a TIRARE DESTRA
  • apertura a TIRARE SINISTRA

SLIM handles

 pivot satin handle

Flap RASO HANDLE version with handle only

 Pivot satin handle with door flush with wall_and_key

Flap door with handle RASO handle and key version

 Pivot Door Satin KeyRASO HANDLE key only version
 / Pivot door satin handle with door flush with wall pawlFlap doors with handle RASO handle and pawl version
 Pivot doors with pawlFLAP DOORS with RASO handle, pawl only version

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