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REI 120 fire doors covered - 1 PANEL

Fire doors in wood color - Ready for delivery.

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€535.74 (tax incl.)
Panel size
  • 80 x 215 (Rei 120 1 Panel)
  • 90 x 215 (REI 120 1 Panel)
  • 100 x 215 (REI 120 1 Panel)
  • 120 x 215 (REI 120 1 Panel)
Direction of opening
  • Right
  • Left
  • VAT al 4%
  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)
Handles (hover with the mouse to see the price):
  • Maniglia Standard REI 120
  • Maniglione Antipanico REi 120
  • On brick walls
  • On plasterboard walls
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Fire doors ready for delivery

Ninz Rei 120 fire doors in wood color both in BRICK WALLS and PLASTERBOARD version, are suitable for protecting people and ambients. Suitable for hospitals, schools, canteens, theaters etc.


 fire door covered in wood color             


Our fire door wood color coated is created to resist fire and at the same time to present itself as a normal interior door. 

In case of fire, its functionality is to close itself in order to prevent the fire from spreading.


Technical data sheet of the version brickwork fire door

Particular fire doors

Panel of the REI 120 fire door: Made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel "Sendzimir" system, press-folded and electrically welded with points sistem; Perimeter stop on 4 sides; Internal reinforcements in hot galvanized steel profile; Insulating package made with treated mineral wool; Internal plates for possible assembly of door closers and large handles. Coated on both sides in wood color.

Particular frame for fire doors

Fire door frame: Made of "Sendzimir" hot galvanized steel sheet; Seats for heat-expanding gasket and rebate gasket; Suitable for fixing to the wall by means of brackets or plugs; Detachable cover for resting on finished floor; Crosspiece to be removed for execution without stop (except for doors with environmental characteristics); Black plastic strikers for lock latch and bolts; Thermo-expanding gaskets mounted on the vertical profiles of the frame and central vertical profile of the two-leaved doors, to be mounted on site for the upper crosspiece of the frame, mounted above and below the REI 120 doors.

 Detail of REI 120 hinge

Fire door size of the hinges: two hinges with three-wing, for each door. A load-bearing unit equipped with thrust balls and screws for vertical adjustment of the door, CE marked according to EN 1935, classified for a capacity of up to 160 kg, durability 200,000 cycles, suitable for use on a fire door. One equipped with spring for self-closing of the door


 Particular rostrum fire door

Rostrums: two safety rostrums applied on the hinge side.

 Detail of fire door lock

The fire door lock: reversible with latch and central deadbolt, CE marked in accordance with EN 12209. Insert with patent key, predisposition for European type cylinder;

 Detail of REI120 fire door handle

Handle: for fire doors, in black plastic and steel core. Steel underplate with cylinder hole. Black plastic cover plate. Fixing screws and insert for patent type key;

 fire door panic exit device

Large handles: consisting of a horizontal bar in anodized aluminum that engages in the lever arms fixed to the control mechanisms for operating the lock;

 Particular fire door plate

Label for fire doors Price:Metal plate with door identification data, in accordance with current legislation.

 Fire resistant doors covered in wood

Finish: Standard painting with epoxy-polyester powders thermoset in oven at 180 °, surface with embossed scratch-resistant structure and external coating in wood color.


THE REI 120 FIRE DOOR plasterboard version.

It has the same characteristics as the version brick wall door with the embracing frame for plasterboard up to 13 cm.

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