Anti-X-Ray windows for Veterinary Medical - Dental offices

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€669.99 (tax excl.)
Panel size
  • 40x30 (esterno 48x38)
  • 80x60 (esterno 88x68)
  • 120cmx80cm (esterno 128cmx88cm)
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X-ray shielded glazing or windows are a type of clear glass or plastic that has been designed to prevent the transmission of X-rays
They are often used in medical or industrial settings to protect people from exposure to X-rays, which are short wavelength ionizing radiation that can be harmful to human health
The X-ray screens are made with highly opaque materials such as lead or tungsten with a thickness of mm. 3, which prevent X-rays from passing through them.
They can be used as a draft shield or to protect the patient during radiological exams or medical procedures

piombate raggi x visive tac

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