Lacquered external sliding door and glass inserts

External sliding door with designs and glass murrine inserts

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External sliding door

External sliding door porta scorrevole esterno muro CONTACT The Expert for external sliding doors prices

            sliding wooden door           sliding doors outside the wall with engravings flowers          sliding wooden door with exposed track    

A trend sliding door with the DIY technique. To make the most of the limited space available, to further characterize the furnishings or to distribute the light more evenly if the rooms are small: these are just some of the cases in which to insert a do-it-yourself external sliding door. ... between living area and kitchen area can be a functional and creative choice! The external sliding doors are functional and beautiful to look at, with our exposed track.

The track in the multiple finishes is completely visible and for this reason it gives a particular elegance to the door. Finishing to furnish and personalize the rooms. The track without covering of the sliding system is characterized by the essential design studied with a prestigious team of architects. The system consists of an aluminum beam, adjustable in height and with a maximum capacity of 80 kg.

The installation of external sliding doors, in the presence of a well-finished compartment, does not present particular difficulties, to be performed also with the Do-it-yourself technique.

Technical characteristics of the external wall sliding door

Choose from our solutions, including internal sliding doors, the solution to complete your home furnishings.

After considering the space on which the door will be mounted and taking the measures, you must rely on your personal taste to choose the type of door and the processing of the sliding interior door. Here are some of the solutions you can find on our glass door website.

TYPE: Internal doors, external sliding wall series with divine series track. DOOR in pantographed and red lacquered wood with murrine inserted, with pair of chromed handles.

TRACK: In anodized extruded aluminum, capacity Kg. 80. Assembly: On pre-squared wall. Discover the products available and buy online with delivery to your home!

  sliding doors outside the wall and drawings

The floral design shown in the photo and in the listing is the model

INTERNAL SLIDING DOORS Evo model Flowers with white murrine.


particular sliding doors designs

External sliding doors,
detail of the pantographing with murrine inserted

go to the listing SATIN GLASS DOOR



  sliding door track with drawings

Sliding door external wall prices of the track  

go to the advertisement TRANSPARENT GLASS DOOR



sliding doors outside glass wall measures

EXTERNAL SLIDING DOOR glass here are the two types of OPENING





 sliding door outside wall section

Binary of wooden doors is innovative the modern sliding system and design.



  sliding door with murrin

Sliding doors outside the wall .... murrine with extraclear glass means perfectly colorless glass. Created in order not to alter the shades of decorations, fabrics, leaves etc., it is crucial in the case of very light colors.




 sliding glass door outside the wall


Internal sliding doors dimensions to be checked.



Here is what we provide in the external wall sliding door

External sliding door price: we supply everything except for the anchors to be applied to the wall!

internal sliding door outside the wall and drawing

External sliding door with drawings



 track for external sliding door

External sliding door track with a modern design for silent sliding on bearings.



sliding glass door with round stainless steel handle

Round or square handle on the external wall sliding door.





Any designs that we can make on the doors



sliding doors outside the wall sandblasted glass according to drawing



 external sliding door with glass finish



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