Wood Boiserie panels

Wood boiserie panels

The Boiserie is the ideal product for those who want to differentiate environments or renovate a room without having to upset it. With the wooden cladding you can in fact change the look of a room in a few steps by choosing between the half-height version and the full-length version.
This particular wall covering technique, however, must be used wisely in order to be best exploited. The boiseries are at ease both in the home and in the professional environment. In fact, nothing prevents you from enriching an office or an accommodation facility with furnishings of this type.

Once the characteristics of the boiserie panels have been chosen, it is possible to understand where to install these decorative panels, for example they can be used to embellish a living room, to delimit a relaxation area, to separate a bedroom, in a professional studio, or to decorate the rooms or common rooms of a hotel.

The installation of wooden panels for interiors is quite simple, thanks to the wall fixing systems that allow for easy removal and repositioning. The wood-paneled walls allow for easy cable management.

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