Home automation for internal armored doors

Home automation for armored

Thanks to home automation, the automation of the front door or security door for many people means being able to enter and leave the house independently.

There are several models of armored doors on the market that integrate the motorization of the opening with the electronic lock.

If you wish, you can also intervene on an entrance door already installed as long as obviously you rely on specialized personnel able to correctly evaluate the feasibility of the intervention.

Digital locks, for us at Porte Italiane, represent a great opportunity. They allow fast, precise and secure access management. In the residential sector but above all in the hospitality sector. Furthermore, thanks to the magnetic contact, it is possible to connect the domotic armored door to alarm systems to make it trip when it is opened, or by connecting it to a special device it is possible to receive notifications by e-mail, once it has been opened.

Buy your next home automation door from us or replace the existing one with a new model!

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