Soundproof door

Soundproof doors

To acoustically isolate the rooms and eliminate both external and internal noise, the ideal solution is soundproof doors.
This type of doors with high soundproofing have the function of dampening the vibrations and mechanical waves of sound, especially those between 50 Hz and 5000 Hz, therefore, from the lowest to the most acute sounds.

Indoor acoustic doors can increase the quality of the overall offer of hotels and accommodation facilities. Because often, the soundproofing of hotel rooms is one of the weak points. In fact, the most common mistake when designing accommodation facilities is to focus more on the furnishings, the arrangement of the furniture and other aesthetic parameters, forgetting however that comfort also derives from a correct noise reduction inside the rooms by choosing a right room door soundproofing. Being hosted in a noisy hotel is certainly an annoying experience, which can lead to negative consequences on the image of the entire hotel.

Buy soundproof doors at cheap prices, starting from our door with a noise reduction of 30 dB, a basic soundproofing level that can be easily used in domestic environments or structures that need minimal soundproofing, saving considerably compared to soundproofing doors with a higher abatement level.

In fact, an acoustic door with a higher soundproofing level such as our 42 dB or 50 dB models are definitely more technical products that are usually used in special environments such as recording studios, theaters, cinemas, etc.
An innovative idea is our 39 dB flush-to-the-wall soundproof door to give a touch of class to your soundproof wall.

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