RX leaded doors

Leaded doors

All of our lead foil doors are available in various sizes, in order to adapt and respond perfectly to your safety and functionality needs. The materials we use are carefully selected and the production process is artisanal. We also guarantee a guarantee of very reliable and silent automatic opening and closing, as a sign of strong attention to detail, to guarantee highly safe and personalized products..

The rx port is available with 1mm and 2mm lead foil, which can meet all the needs of our customers. Both versions are available for purchase directly on our store with free delivery throughout Italy. You can also find all the descriptions and technical characteristics on each page of the chosen product.

The opening of the leaded door, like the classic interior doors, can be hinged with the appropriate choice of opening direction, or even sliding outside the wall, complete with sliding track. The latter can also be made with an automatic sliding opening system, in fact, thanks to the use of special sensors, you can manage the opening of the leaded door automatically.

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