Doors for hotels

Rei doors for hotels

The soundproofed fire doors for hotels from the REI collection, especially suitable for hotels, bed and breakfasts, residences, businesses, schools and communities. Maximum noise and fire efficiency.
The hotel entrance doors are a fundamental element in creating a coherent atmosphere. Modern accommodation facilities, in fact, can no longer limit themselves to offering a modest service, but must offer innovative and personalized experiences, while maintaining safety and a degree of soundproofing adequate to the standards in force.

The hotel doors have the specific function of closing the passage that separates the common areas from your room. However, fire doors or soundproof doors are not limited only to separating two areas, but thanks to their characteristics, they allow for acoustic insulation or against fire fighting.

Furthermore, the doors for hotels can also be equipped with external door controllers, which allow the opening and entry into the room through in different ways. Using simple RFID readers, equipping each customer with a badge, or to give more freedom to their guests, it is possible to opt for an electric control unit, or the Guest Key keyboard for access via temporary codes.

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