Sliding doors

Sliding door

A valid alternative to traditional swing doors, retractable sliding doors are characterized by saving space. The internal sliding doors allow you to recover the space occupied by the hinged door. They can also be a functional choice in case of large openings.
This type of opening is divided into two types: internal wall sliding doors (or retractable sliding door) and external wall versions.
The difference between the external wall sliding doors and the pocket doors lies in the installation position of the track. In the external ones, the track is applied on the external wall or ceiling with a considerable reduction in costs, while in the internal alternative there is the maximum saving on space but a higher cost for the purchase of the related box.
The external doors in turn can be made with different sliding systems, from a simple track with an aluminum cover or in the color of your choice, up to the most innovative solution with an invisible track.
The finish and the materials remain the same as those of the swing doors, in fact you can choose to install both opening systems inside your rooms while maintaining the same finish as your wooden or glass door.

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