Skirting board

Skirting board

A complete range of wood and HDF skirting boards, including the hard to find skirting covers available in various colors that hide your old skirting without removing it. To elegantly delineate the junction between walls and floor it is necessary to install the right skirting board or skirting board. The second name of the skirting board, skirting board, also makes us understand its protective function as well as aesthetic. The most common and also the most easily workable skirtings are those in wood and laminate.

In this section you can find different models of skirting boards for doors and walls. They are able to give continuation to your doors and also to furnish and protect your walls. From the simple skirting board to renovate the existing one without costly masonry work to remove the old one, or even for a first installation with two different solutions. The skirting board, with a small section inside that allows you to pass small cables and install it in the traditional way. Or the new product with a unique and innovative design that allows a flush-to-wall installation, taking advantage of the base profile to be walled in during the construction of the walls.

These skirtings can be further embellished by the novelty of LED lights, which are becoming more and more present in every element of our homes.

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