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Internal or external sliding doors? How to choose the best

Interior sliding doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. Thanks to their ability to slide along a rail, they are an ideal alternative for those looking to save space and create a more modern environment.

Spring is coming: how to get more light with interior doors?

As spring arrives, many people want to increase the amount of natural light inside their homes. Interior doors can play an important role in this process: here are some ideas on how to get more light with modern...

Altopiano Divider Doors: Custom Design and Functionality in One Solution

Altopiano divider doors by Italia Doors are the perfect solution for those seeking a modern and functional alternative to traditional fixed walls for dividing spaces.

Are electronic locks safe? Answers to all doubts

Electronic locks have gained a lot of popularity due to their convenience and advanced technology. Find out more by reading the full article

Sliding, hinged, and pocket: all types of glass doors

Glass doors are an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional wooden doors

Soundproof doors: because every structure should have them

Soundproof doors for hotels are designed to block external noise and reduce the echo inside the rooms, find out more on our website

Swing doors for restaurants: why use them and what they are

Swing doors are a great choice for restaurants that want to maintain the comfort of their customers. Read on for more information

Fire doors: models, features, where to use them

Fire doors are a vital element in any building, as they are intended to prevent the spread of fire and to ensure safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Swing doors: why are they still so used?

Swing doors are one of the most common types of doors used in modern construction. They consist of a door that opens in two possible directions

Flush-to-the-wall wardrobes: the reasons to choose them and buy

Flush-to-wall wardrobes are an excellent solution for those who want to make the most of the available space in the home or office. Find out more

The evolution of hotel automation in 2023

Hotel automation is the application of automation technology to improve the quality of life in residential and commercial buildings. In recent years, in particular, hotel automation is becoming more and more...

5 reasons to install wainscoting in your hotel

Boiseries are an excellent choice for hotels that want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their spaces. Without further preambles, let's immediately see five reasons why you should consider installing...

Why buy a pivot door? 6 reasons to do it

The pivot door is more and more popular for many homes and offices. These fixtures are characterized by their characteristic opening, with one or two doors

Internal Sliding Doors: all the secrets of these unique fixtures

The prices and features of interior sliding doors have changed over the years. Once everything was simpler, today the picture has expanded significantly. In fact, there are several alternatives in terms of shapes and...

Skirting boards: features and functionality of this useful accessory

Skirting boards are a very common finishing element in buildings, but they are often overlooked or underestimated. In fact, it is a very useful and functional accessory that can add a touch of elegance and...