Fan Doors

Swing doors

The push doors defined as "Come and Go" are saloon type closures and are used all those cases in which the door must be normally closed, but which can be opened with the simple passage of the person. The fan door allows opening from both sides. Our catalog of swing doors is full of solutions, from the simple saloon door with one door, up to the 2-door solution for wider openings.

In addition, the door to and fro, can be equipped with a glass porthole to ensure the view between the two rooms, in turn this porthole can be found in the round or square shape, to best satisfy the needs of our customers. Once the door model has been chosen, you can enter the product sheet to complete the configuration, as is the case with internal doors. In fact, you can choose whether to opt for the basic door without porthole, whether to install the frame on all sides of the wall opening or only on the hinges side and finally you can choose the finish that best suits your needs.

In this way you will be able to find in our catalog both economic or even more elaborate swing doors, even with the addition of customized writings.

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