Flush-to-the-wall doors

Flush-to-the-wall doors

With flush-to-the-wall doors you can furnish rooms in an absolutely unique way. From homes to offices or professional studios, to hotels and b & bs, these fixtures allow you to better manage spaces and give an elegant and refined design. On the one hand, in fact, their task is that typical of windows, that is to favor the passage between two environments. From a design point of view, however, their action is completely innovative.
The flush-to-the-wall doors proposed by Porte Italiane are able to enhance any type of environment. From the flush-to-the-wall hinged door with already painted or rough panels to adapt them perfectly to your wall, up to the sliding panels that can adapt to the most famous counter frames that lend themselves to this type of installation, such as the essential casket.
Flush-to-the-wall doors are a type of door that stands out for being without external finishes (jambs and frames). You can then install invisible doors in your home that integrate perfectly into the wall, until they are completely camouflaged.

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