REI 120 door

Rei 120 doors

A REI 120 door (fire door) is a door which, given its high resistance to fire, has the ability to isolate flames in the event of a fire. It is therefore used as part of a passive protection system, to reduce the spread of flames or smoke between compartments and to ensure a safe exit from a building / structure.

Fire doors are able to fight flames and noxious fumes. All without sacrificing aesthetic pleasure. These fixtures guarantee the safety of hotels and offices, and in general of places where it is necessary to be able to count on environments capable of coping with all possible emergencies..

Fire resistant doors find greater application in places such as schools, offices, commercial premises and hospitals. But they can also be installed in buildings with two or more floors, or in rooms leading to garages. By installing fire doors you can significantly increase the safety of a public or hospitality facility. The resistance to flames is given by the code that characterizes the door, such as our REI 60 or 120 doors which precisely indicate a resistance of 60 minutes or 120 minutes.

In our catalog you will find a wide selection of rei doors in different versions and sizes, both single and double leaf to cover larger openings, you can also add the panic bar to cover all the requirements of the fire regulations.

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