Home automation for hotels

Home automation

Home automation for hotels can make the difference in an accommodation facility. Being able to offer integrated experiences, capable of adapting to the needs of guests, represents that something extra that can make a given hotel preferable over hundreds of other accommodation establishments. The devices for home automation of b & b hotels offer various advantages, with the installation of specific solutions inside the rooms and common areas it is possible to have greater control of what happens in the hotel and to automate the provision of services. You can manage the various shifts of permission and paid services for entry to swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.
With b & b home automation, managers can greatly simplify the management of the structure and at the same time improve the quality of the stay in terms of comfort and safety. In fact, you will be able to manage both entrance doors and hotel room doors.

The devices available in our catalog are different and with different operating systems.
A simple QR Code reader where the customer receives the QR code from the manager and bringing it closer to the reader will unlock the access reserved for them.
The RFID badge reader with extremely simple operation, the customer receives a card upon his arrival at the structure with which he can access his room and / or the areas reserved for him.
The keypad with temporary codes for the GuestKey electronic lock, an advanced system compared to previous solutions, thanks to the use of a special management system, the manager will be able to register their customers remotely and send them the code for access to the structure without being physically present , and with a code that will be valid only for the established period of time.
A complete home automation system, able to manage the entire structure via smartphone, in fact the customer will have the possibility to access his room by opening it directly from his phone, and also can manage the electrical services connected to it.

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€84.99 (tax excl.)
With the "I-lock" electronic locks, hotel room management has never been easier. Ideal for hotels, bed and breakfast residences, offices, apartments, restricted areas etc ..