Lettore badge per apertura porte Porte Interne

GuestCard access control for door opening

GuestCard badge reader for access control and door opening for B&B and hotel rooms

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GuestCard Access control

GuestCard access control Controllo accessi CONTACT The Home Automation Systems Expert

GuestCard Access Control Made in Italy

Description of access control

The new access control was conceived for electronic locks and security systems. The GuestCard badge reader is able to perform very well anti-interference, self-diagnosis and self-protection functions to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system. The controller allows you to register different types of cards, to open the door and record data, without any risk of lowering or power failure or tampering.

Multiple possible applications also according to the characteristics and needs of the customer.

GuestCard, like the Keypad for electronic lock, s part of our GuestKey products.

The main features of access controls:

Security to avoid and control any illegal transit.

Control of vehicular transits.

The system works via badge or electronic cards.

The possible applications concern hotels, hotels, access control gyms, swimming pools, access control for b & b and also hospitals or nursing homes or rest homes.

With the RFID access control, even small hotels or B & Bs can be equipped with a modern home automation system for opening the room doors and considerably reducing energy costs ... at really interesting prices.

The badge access control system is the ideal solution that allows you to open hotel doors, both the main common entrances and individual rooms.

Some details on Access control

GuestCard RFID access control

The way of operation is very simple and very intuitive:

Normally the Reader flashes with a discreet (red) light, so as to be visible even in the dark.

As soon as the card (badge) approaches the reader, it emits a small beep, the red light flashes quickly, and the door opens.

access control bticino

The KIT contains:

Card RFID per access controlUp to 2000 cards can be programmed on each access control!
access control programming
Programming of the Cards is done in a simple way:
  • Bring the System Card to the GuestCard reader, the device will enter programming mode (Beep and the LED will flash quickly).
  • Bring the Card to be stored close to the GuestCard Access control, a validation sound will follow. Exit the programming mode by bringing the System Card close.
  • From this moment the Cards will be registered, up to 2000 Cards can be registered on each Guest Card Access.
gym access control

You can create badge keys


Our access controls allow you to easily manage access to your facility both by customers, and by staff in charge of maintenance or tidying rooms. Giving to the manager the opportunity to access any room or space present.

Access control mounting cassette 503
Its installation takes place on the classic 503 electrical boxes with application without visible screws.
GustCard is a MADE IN ITALY device.

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