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5 reasons to install wainscoting in your hotel

5 reasons to install wainscoting in your hotel

Boiseries are an excellent choice for hotels that want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their spaces. Without further preambles, let's immediately see five reasons why you should consider installing wainscoting in your accommodation facility.
They improve the aesthetics of the environments

Boiseries are a very versatile decorative element and can be used to create an elegant atmosphere in any environment. In particular, wooden boiserie panels are perfect9 for creating a classic and sophisticated mood, while those in PVC or MDF are more suitable for contemporary environments. With the boiseries, the various areas of the hotel will acquire a touch of refinement that will not go unnoticed by your guests.

The wooden boiserie panels not only improve the aesthetics of the rooms, but also the acoustic insulation. In fact, wood is a material that absorbs sound well, making the rooms quieter and more comfortable for customers. This means that guests will be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep without being disturbed by external noise or the conversations of their room neighbours.

boiserie con porta bianca da interno

Wall protection

Wainscoting can protect walls from knocks and damage caused by daily wear and tear. Furthermore, they can be used to hide any imperfections in the walls. In the long run, this means that your hotel walls will remain in good condition for a longer period of time, saving you from having to frequently repair or replace them.
Ease of maintenance and sustainability

The wainscoting is very easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and impurities. Additionally, PVC or MDF wainscoting is resistant to stains and water, making them ideal for humid environments such as bathrooms. This means cleaners can spend less time maintaining wainscoting, leaving them more time for other important tasks.

PVC or MDF boiseries are also a sustainable choice because they can be produced with recycled materials and do not require the use of paints or chemical products for their maintenance.

By choosing to install the wainscoting in the hotel, you are therefore contributing to creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly environments. This is an important aspect for many current customers who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their travel choices.

Image enhancement

The wainscoting helps create a coherent and uniform image for the hotel, which stands out for its elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, being an original and refined decorative element, boiserie can increase the perception of value of the structure and therefore help to build customer loyalty. Guests will feel at ease and pampered in an environment furnished with taste and attention to detail. Furthermore, the refined and well-kept image of the hotel can be used as a marketing element to attract new customers.

With the wainscoting, the hotel rooms will therefore become more welcoming and comfortable for customers, increasing their satisfaction and the possibility of returning to visit the structure in the future.

portoncino d'entrata con boiserie a parete

The range of boiseries and hotel furnishings by Porte Italiane

As seen, wainscoting is a versatile, elegant and sustainable decorative choice, which can improve the aesthetics of rooms, sound insulation, wall protection, ease of maintenance, image enhancement and hotel sustainability .

Porte Italiane offers a wide range of solutions for accommodation facilities and interior doors with boiserie. Among others, we point out the various proposals related to home automation for hotels, which allow you to offer your guests an interconnected and modern experience.

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