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Folding doors for interiors: buying guide

Internal folding doors: the definitive buying guide

Folding doors for interiors are an option to be definitely taken into consideration. Their special structure allows them to be installed in many parts of the house, both to delimit internal and external environments. Functionality, then, is combined with an often elegant style capable of adapting to the majority of furniture lines.

That said, it remains to be seen how you can choose the best interior folding door for your home. This brief buying guide answers precisely this question.

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What are internal folding doors?

In purely practical terms, interior folding doors consist of two doors that fold in on themselves. The doors can be of the same size, or of a different width (as a rule, in these cases one section is three times the size of the other).

The most used material for these fixtures is normally laminate, which can be easily declined in different styles thanks to variants in cherry, tanganyika, walnut, oak, wenge and rosewood.

Their operation is simple: by acting on the handle, the doors "move", which when closed leave the space to enter the room. A simple and refined solution.
The main advantages of these fixtures

Folding doors (called "bi fold" in English) have numerous advantages. Their installation allows you to quickly obtain benefits that can help you live your home better. These are the most evident positive factors:

    Variety of uses: folding doors can be installed in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the dining room. They are excellent for delimiting a closet or laundry room, but also for delimiting an outdoor area, such as a garden or a balcony;
    Elegant design: the structure of the bi fold windows is particularly slim and elegant. The different variants also allow you to adapt the new window to the style already present in your home, so as not to ruin the overall harmony;
    Maximization of the space at your disposal: the particular shape of these fixtures allows you to save space. The folding doors occupy a reduced volume compared to the classic swing doors. This allows the folding doors to be installed even on raised floors;
    Accessibility: these are easily usable fixtures, accessible from both sides with extreme simplicity. By inserting a normal latch, it is also possible to obtain a high degree of privacy, which allows installation in environments such as the bathroom or bedroom;
    They allow excellent light management: the ability to maneuver the doors with great ease allows you to intuitively control the level of lighting. Having a good amount of natural light available in your home is essential, as explained in this article.

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The prices of folding doors for interiors

The cost of folding window frames for indoor environments is relatively advantageous. These are the variables that most clearly influence the final price:

    The coloring: some variants have a higher cost than others;
    The size of the panel: higher measures correspond to a higher price;
    The VAT rate: depending on the case, a rate of 4%, 10% or 22% may be applied.

The price of these fixtures, therefore, adapts to your needs. These are therefore fixtures that can bring various benefits, and which are also easy to install.

Porte a libro per interni offerte porte italiane

Internal folding doors: the offers of Porte Italiane

Our range of folding doors includes models suitable for domestic environments. You will have the possibility to choose the color, the dimensions and the opening direction, in order to obtain the frame you were looking for.

For any information, do not hesitate to send your request through the references included in the Contact page.