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Hotel home automation also in Italy in 2020

Will 2020 be the year of hotel home automation in Italy too?

The use of technology allows you to create experiences that are able to perfectly adhere to the needs of guests. This allows you to have happier customers, and consequently more likely to return to your facility.

Hotel automation therefore plays a fundamental role in creating the hotel offer and beyond. The use of these systems is still rather limited, but 2020 seems to be a good year for a first, true revolution.

So let's find out some of the possible trends in home automation for the year to come.
Hotel automation and hotels without reception

TTG Italia (https://www.ttgitalia.com/stories/hotel/157457_citizenm_gli_hotel_senza_reception_pronti_allo_sbarco_in_italia/) reports an article in the Sole 24Ore which highlights the arrival in Italy of a new hotel chain, CitizenM. The peculiarity of these structures is given by the intense use of technology and electronic locks

In fact, in CitizenM hotels there are no reception, front office staff or restaurants. In their place, there are spaces equipped with kiosks for check-in and check-out, to be operated in total autonomy thanks to specific IT structures. Inside the rooms, then, some tablets are included, which allow you to easily control the lighting and air conditioning systems.

The first hotels of this type should arrive in Rome and Milan. The trend, therefore, is clear: hotel automation in 2020 will see the guest in first place, who will not have to adapt to the characteristics of the structure, but will use them to their own advantage.

How to customize the experience of hotel and hotel guests

Hotel home automation will therefore aim to offer more and more solutions for personalizing the traveler's experience. To do this, opt for a radical approach, as in the case of CitizenM hotels, or for a more moderate choice. Any hotel, in fact, can change its nature and turn towards a dimension closer to the needs of its guests.

CitizenM hotels are aimed at a technological user, who is used to using sophisticated appliances. However, home automation for hotels can help improve the stay even for those who use an old-fashioned mobile phone at most. Think of access control and hotel home automation, a theme that is always very dear to hotel managers. Instead of using heavy and bulky keys, it is possible to coordinate entry and exit from the rooms through codes to be sent via smartphone.

An intermediate solution, on the other hand, may be the installation of magnetic card readers. This is an opportunity not to be discarded a priori, especially since the badges can be customized with your own logo (https://www.porteitaliane.com/home/254-card-hotel-badge-logo-personalizzato.html) . A small detail, such as the magnetic card, can thus become a promotional vehicle, ideal for those structures that cannot afford expensive structural interventions, such as bed & breakfasts or landlords.

Therefore, hotel automation in 2020 will be able to adapt to the needs of guests, but also to those of managers.

Home automation in 2020 will also change the world of work

We must always remember that when we talk about hotel home automation we are not only referring to internal doors, access control via smartphone or lighting systems. Behind these innovations there is space for new professional opportunities of all kinds. Far from the classic conception that sees technology taking away space from work, the home automation of 2020 creates new professions.

Il Sole 24Ore also reports this (https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/gli-alberghi-cercano-nuov-competenze-5-vincenti-light-designer-e-psicologo-ACWRY24). The hotels of the future will always require new skills, which is good to start learning to be able to keep up with the times. Among the figures that hotels and accommodation facilities will seek are:

  -  IoT Manager
  -  Home automation experts
  -  Videomaker
  -  Fashion stylist
  -  IT
  -  Sound technicians
  -  Psychologists

The last item seems fundamental. Thanks to the contribution of psychologists and home automation, the hotels of the future will be able to interpret guest data to offer tailor-made experiences. This continuous mix is ​​the basis of modern hotel home automation, and will shape the offer of accommodation facilities.

Hotel automation for 2020 mixes technology and psychology, technique and substance. The structures that will be able to fully seize this opportunity will obtain an important competitive advantage, which will reverberate in the years to come.

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