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Interior design doors which to choose

Interior design doors

Interior design doors are undoubtedly one of the most interesting elements for those who need to renovate their home. These furnishing details allow you to give the different rooms a precise character in a relatively simple way.

And if in the past we have already talked about the possibility of modernizing the house with internal doors, today we want to focus on the trends that have gone down in the current year as regards the choice of fixtures for interior design. Knowing these trends can be useful for better deciding how to renovate your home.

porte di design da interni

Design doors save space

In the article "Interior doors for small houses: 4 space-saving and creative ideas" we talked about the possibility of saving space thanks to the installation of certain fixtures. Well, this same dynamic seems to have been one of the most popular during 2020.

The installation of space-saving design interior doors can come in handy in any context. Sliding doors, for example, allow you to obtain more space on the sides of the leaf, perhaps to install an extra piece of furniture.

The choice of materials and shapes, then, is high. And if the wooden alternatives are suitable for those looking for a rustic and traditional look, the colored and transparent options are perfect for more modern rooms.

In any case, the message seems to be one: doors can help improve space management in any context, whether residential or professional.
Decorated interior design doors

Why settle for prints or decorations exclusively on walls and boiseries? Even doors can be used to bring a pinch of art and creativity into your home. And just the decorated fixtures have been among the most used in the last period.

Doors with sophisticated textures are also particularly suitable for the most creative offices: just think of the lacquered doors with printing, or the delightful motifs of the pantographed doors with engravings.

That of decorated doors is a trend that seems to be constantly growing, and which transforms the fixtures into real furnishing details that allow you to obtain an evident stylistic continuity with the other elements present in the environment.

porte interne a vetro luminose

Doors that favor lighting

Natural light is perhaps one of the most difficult components to manage in a room. There are many variables to take into consideration. Among others, there are the height of the room with respect to street level, the orientation of the building, the number of hours of light available during the day and the various seasons.

Among the most popular trends so far in 2020, then, there is precisely the predilection for doors that allow a large amount of light to pass through. The most immediate options, in this case, are glass doors. However, there are alternatives that are equally elegant and suitable for those who, for example, are not ready to give up a classic swing door structure.

As in the case of doors with glass compartment, equipped with satin glass panels that let the light pass but guarantee the right level of privacy. A very elegant alternative, ideal for refined environments and offices.
Interior folding doors, ideal for connecting spaces

Among the possible dilemmas concerning the design of interior spaces is that of the connection between the rooms. In other words, which ports should be chosen to create a connection between two environments?

In this regard, the 2020 trends for modern design doors see interior folding doors as the absolute protagonists. They are perhaps the most suitable alternative for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to their small size and high natural light management capacity. Their installation is very simple, and they can also be placed in other places in the house, such as bathrooms or closets.

A practical and very versatile solution, which is also confirmed in the current year as one of the most popular.

the doors framed with glass

le porte intelaiate con vetri

La choice of interior design doors by Porte Italiane

As seen, the 2020 trends for design doors involve different areas of interest. The management of space and light, but also the artistic and the more practical side.

In any case, the experts of Porte Italiane are at your side to help you choose the perfect interior doors for your needs. For any information, do not hesitate to send your request using the references included in the Contacts page for choosing the internal door.