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Interior soundproof doors: tips and insights how to eliminate noise with our portr

Soundproof doors: that's why every hotel should install them

Internal soundproof doors can increase the quality of the overall offer of hotels and accommodation facilities. The reason is simple: the acoustic insulation of hotel rooms is one of the weak points of many accommodations. Often, in fact, we focus on the furnishings, the arrangement of the furniture and other aesthetic parameters, forgetting, however, that comfort also derives from correct soundproofing.

Dealing with a noisy hotel is certainly an annoying experience, which can lead to negative consequences on the image of the whole hotel. This is why it is necessary to intervene in time and avoid the occurrence of problems due to the noise coming both from the other rooms and from outside.

Is a noisy hotel a risk from a criminal point of view?

Installing a soundproof door in your hotel or bed & breakfast is a necessary concern for your guests. The question, however, does not only concern the quality of one's offer, but can also lead to criminal consequences.

The sentence of the Court of Cassation n. 39883 of 29 August 2017, which is discussed in this article (https://www.diritto.it/condizionamentore-rumoroso-albergo-disturbo-del-riposo/) which appeared on diritto.it, focuses precisely on the problem of noise in hotels and lodges. Specifically, the Supreme Court deemed it necessary to confirm the sentence of a hotelier, guilty of having disturbed the rest of some guests due to the noise caused by an air conditioner installed on the roof of the structure.

Beyond the specific case, it is clear that the presence of disturbing noises can not only be a nuisance for guests, but also a possible cause of legal dispute. One more reason, therefore, to increase the soundproofing of your hotel.
The absence of internal soundproof doors is a problem

It is clear that interior soundproof doors are a necessary investment for hotels and bed & breakfasts. The windows, in fact, constitute the weak points of the majority of soundproofing walls. Even the walls with the highest degree of acoustic insulation lose effectiveness if the door has no shielding capacity.

Sound comfort, in fact, is an underrated element in hotel rooms but, as seen, if neglected it can be a significant problem. A noisy hotel, in fact, can run into problems such as:

    Decrease in the number of guests
    Negative word of mouth
    Image damage
    Negative feedback from guests on portals such as booking or tripadvisor

The characteristics of soundproofed doors for hotels....how to soundproof a door

Porte Italiane offers soundproofed doors at prices. Fixtures of this type have a shielding of a minimum of 30 db, which constitutes the minimum threshold for environments such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes, to a maximum of 50 db for theaters or cinemas

Acoustic doors have a perimeter frame with internal multi-insulation, which therefore effectively shields sound waves. The internal paneling features double layers of internal insulating material, expressly designed for noise reduction.

No detail is left to chance: the gaskets, for example, are made of soundproofing plastic material. The solid hinges, on the other hand, are made of tropicalised steel and are therefore able to withstand even extreme climatic conditions.

For acoustic doors, a fundamental element is the movable guillotine threshold. Applied to the lower part of the door, this component has a simultaneous descent mechanism when the door closes, and further increases the level of insulation.

Reduce noise in hotels with home automation

Installing soundproof interior doors in noisy hotel rooms also benefits from new technologies. The relationship between home automation and accommodation facilities presents opportunities and threats, as described in this study . In the case of insulating fixtures, however, the positive sides outweigh any problems.

Soundproof doors or acoustic windows can be opened directly with the smartphone, thus avoiding the handing over of the keys. Using special Qr Codes, or codes sent via email or Whatsapp, it is in fact possible to manage accesses in a simple way and limit noise.

Alternatively, you can use the I-Lock electronic locks, based on encrypted RFID technology. More information on this product is available at this link (https://www.porteitaliane.com/domotica-per-hotel/209-serratura-elettronica-per-hotel.html).
How much does it cost to soundproof a hotel room

As seen, the acoustic insulation of hotel rooms is a primary need, which also proves to be advantageous. The price of soundproofed interior doors, in fact, can be easily calibrated on the basis of one's needs. The most important factors to consider in this context are:

    The size of the panel
    The type of handles (traditional, with remote access or electronic lock)
    The presence of a mobile threshold

In any case, the Porte Italiane experts will be able to find the right solution for your hotel or bed and breakfast.

Offer your guests a well-deserved acoustic comfort: contact us every time!