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Portes intérieures pour petites maisons, idées peu encombrantes et créatives

Interior doors for small houses

Small houses are certainly pretty and ideal for those who love to fully enjoy their home. The problem of space, however, is certainly present. Using the right internal doors, it is possible to arrive at creative solutions that enhance the environments at one's disposal.

So here are four ideas for making the most of doors in small-sized homes, as well as a brief guide to choosing the best doors for small houses.

porte interne invisibili con libreria nascosta

How to choose interior doors for small houses?

It's not just a mere question of space. Fixtures for small houses can solve various problems of functionality, light management and sustainability.

Wishing to remain within the sphere of traditional swing doors only, the options are however different. And if a classic laminate door may seem too traditional an alternative to some, why not dare with an interior door in frosted glass? It allows the right amount of light to pass through, it is elegant and adapts to many types of homes.

Again, you could opt for an intermediate solution, perhaps fixtures with a glass compartment, or for a lacquered door with a print, or a pantographed wooden model and lacquered finish.

In short, despite the space, the alternatives are different: just use a little imagination, and try to make the most of every available centimetre.

interior doors for small spaces

le porte da interno per spazi ridotti

Internal doors with integrated bookcase: a perfect solution for the living room

Paper book lovers always have a big dilemma: how much space to dedicate to the bookcase and shelves on which to store the beloved volumes? In small houses, the problem is even greater, as it is easy to guess. One solution, then, is to integrate part of the bookcase into the internal door, perhaps adding a couple of shelves on the back of the door. Shelves that must be rather narrow and resistant, in order to avoid possible falls of the tomes when the door is opened or closed.

This saves space, limits clutter and above all avoids placing books on tables and desks or, worse, on the floor.
Coat hangers and bag holders on internal doors, ideal for small homes

This is probably the most classic solution, which has always been used to save some space in any type of home. We are referring to the installation of coat hangers or bag holders on the back of the door leaf. In just a few steps, the need to buy a classic coat stand is avoided, which is difficult to position in a small house, especially those with a small entrance hall.

Be careful, however, not to overload the hanger too much with backpacks or other accessories: the effect, in these cases, can be harmful, because it is synonymous with disorder. Placing too many items behind the door could also prevent it from opening properly.
Internal doors the doors of the bathrooms with built-in shelf

The space-saving solutions provided by interior doors for small houses also extend to areas of the house that are often not involved in "creative" interventions. Among these is certainly the bathroom. One way to take full advantage of this room too includes the simple installation of a shelf, perhaps closed by a door.

A solution similar to that of the bookcase for the living room, only that in this case toothbrushes, toothpastes, medicines and everything that can't find a space can be stored. Alternatively, why not install hooks to hang bathrobes and towels?

These fixes won't permanently fix a small bathroom, but it's a start.

intelligent solutions with invisible doors

soluzioni intelligenti con le porte invisibili

Food holder for the kitchen: a perfect space-saving solution

Saving space in a kitchen is a really complicated business. If it is practically impossible to intervene on household appliances without replacing them, it is possible to act actively on other details. By installing a food holder, or a spice holder, you can go and eliminate a little clutter in a short time.

In this way, it is possible to obtain space to use to insert other elements or, alternatively, to leave free, to make the room "breathe" more.

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