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The interior doors of FIP Porte Italiane enhance the Seattle Residences in Nige

The internal doors of FIP Porte Italiane enhance the Seattle Residences in Nigeria

The Italian genius is recognized and appreciated all over the world. Porte Italiane's offer of modern interior doors does not only extend to the national territory, but also to the fastest growing areas of the African continent. In this article, we will illustrate the key points of the intervention that brought our products to Nigeria, to the exclusive Seattle Residences.

This is just one example of the numerous collaborations that Porte Italiane establishes daily with national and international players. All of this, in concrete terms, constitutes the ultimate demonstration of the reliability of our brand, leader in the sale and installation of interior doors, water resistant doors and soundproof doors.

Italian interior doors fascinate foreign markets

The Seattle Residences are a complex of luxurious apartments located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a structure located in the enclave of Walter Carrington Street, in the Victoria Island area. Its strengths focus on the uniqueness of the experience offered, full of comfort and technology. There are apartments with three or four bedrooms, as well as a 24-hour concierge service, as illustrated on the official website. Each accommodation is enhanced by a view of the entire city and the Gulf of Guinea.

Today, the Seattle Residences are a successful example. However, the design of hospitality environments of this type often poses problems and challenges to overcome. As part of the choice of interior doors, for example, the questions that need to be answered are many and concern:

  • Style
        The functionality
        The duration over time
        The soundproofing
        The water resistance

    Safety and efficiency: the strengths of internal doors

    Quickly resolving the doubts listed above is an essential step. And it is at this point that Porte Italiane intervenes. Our company has taken care of the supply of doors, handles, small doors and other furnishing details. The intervention involved the common areas and the apartments, and was aimed at improving the guest experience.

    Being able to count on quality internal sliding and swing doors guarantees numerous advantages. Among the most obvious are:

        Security: the solutions installed in the Seattle Residences ensure the right protection. The handles are of a suitable size and can be gripped easily. Furthermore, these elements work in concert with the locks, eliminating any risk of burglary.
        Acoustic insulation: each door installed by Porte Italiane in the Seattle Residences features high insulation profiles. Annoying noises are muffled by the special internal structure.

        Thermal insulation: the particular construction technology allows the temperature to be kept stable, both in winter and in summer.

    Style, functionality and durability of modern interior doors

    The supply of internal doors at the Seattle Residences gave way to enhance the areas of all the apartments involved. The implementation of our products, therefore, has allowed the structure to respond to all the doubts mentioned at the beginning of the article in a clear and convincing way:

        The style: the internal doors supplied have an elegant, classic aesthetic. This choice has given the apartments an image of prestige, but at the same time welcoming.
        Functionality: all the elements installed, whether they are gates or doors, are simple to use and ensure efficient operation. The result is evident ease of use, both in the case of sliding and glass doors.
        Durability over time: the structure of the doors supplied is robust, made with materials and supports capable of standing the test of time. The main components (leaf, frame, architraves and gaskets) guarantee resistance to wear and high efficiency.

Interior door prices

The last factor to consider in the supply of modern interior doors is certainly the cost. The prices of these solutions are determined by structural and fiscal variables. Among the factors to take into consideration are

    the size of the panel
    the type and material of the handle
    national and international tax rates
    the transport costs

The prices of internal doors, therefore, are easily modulated according to needs.

Porte Italiane collaborates with clients in Italy and abroad, such as the Seattle Residences in Lagos. For any information on the supply of modern interior doors and hotel automation solutions, contact us today!