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Pivot-sliding doors in plastic laminate

Internal pivot-sliding doors in plastic laminate are an elegant and ideal solution for saving space.

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  • ABET
  • Laminato - Avorio
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  • 60x210x11
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  • 90x210x11
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  • Spingere verso destra (Libro)
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Pivot-sliding doors in plastic laminate.

Porte rototraslanti in laminato plastico

Pivot-sliding doors in plastic laminate porta rei CONTACT The expert of pivot-sliding door

The pivot-sliding interior doors for schools and communities in ABET PRINT laminate mm. 9/10 are suitable for public facilities, schools, hospital offices. They are made with integral laminate - even in class 1 - frame and casing in extruded aluminum.

Choose our pivot-sliding interior doors

Our company produces pivot-sliding doors with the following characteristics:

An Affidable estate, for a studio or a professional environment.
An excellent aesthetic impact, which allows you to maintain an elegant workplace.
A durability over time, thanks to the quality of our products.

The pivot-sliding door is particularly suitable for its sturdiness and reliability. Its composition makes it easy to clean and for this reason it is used in environments where a high level of cleanliness must be maintained. They are also great space-saving doors.

The interior doors in plastic laminate can be used whenever there is a need to position a door that is particularly more solid. In fact, it can be used not only in work environments but also: for the door of a cellar in your home, for secondary accesses to garages, for laundries, stairwells, but they can also be used for schools and public environments.

Characteristics of internal pivot-sliding doors:

technical door jamb
DOORFRAME: rounded / embracing without any visible edge ACCIDENT PREVENTION.
Consisting of extruded aluminum alloy profiles 15/10 thick with telescopic interlocking with the covering strips; uprights and transoms assembled with aluminum brackets.
COVERING STRIPS: telescopic in extruded aluminum.
technical door leaf

DOOR (thickness 44 mm): Door panel consisting of a perimeter frame in dried fir wood and treated anti-woodworm, with lock reinforcements on both sides, honeycomb in resin coated cardboard with a cell of mm. 22. Coating in M.D.F. from mm. 4 made with external sheets in 9/10 Abet Print laminate impregnated in a particular phenolic resin. Standard color Ivory.


technical door lock
DOOR LOCK: patent type and / or Yale upon request

N°2 retractable
SEAL: in rubber in compliance with UNI 9122 anti-noise standards.

Other specifications of laminate doors:

STRENGHT:Profile thickness 15/10 Increased to 20/10 in the part suitable for housing the hinges to ensure a perfect seal of the door to the most severe stresses.
ACCIDENT PREVENTION SOLUTIONS:Rounded edges (no sharp edges), rebate profile on the door made of extruded melamine (no visible blade).
DESIGN:The straight profile coplanar to the door gives slenderness and elegance, the possible color combinations make it compatible with any type of environment.
FUNCTIONALITY:Telescopic frame; Speed of assembly and anti-friction hinges that can be opened at 180 ° make this frame practical and suitable for any use.
High resistance and lightness data at the same time thanks to the characteristics of the material used.


technical doorsDoors for hospitals
Hospital doorDoors for healthcare facilities
technical doorsdoors for schools
Technical doorsDoors for schools
technical doorstechnical doors
Hospital doorsDoors for schools

For all information on extras & surcharges, contact our. Customer Service by sending an email to: [email protected]

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