Hotel Door REI 45 Antique Wood Kit Impero

REI 45 Hotel Door Antique brush finish Pantograph with jamb / frame Empire KIT with a capital (Art.607B)

YALE cylinder included

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€1,052.33 (tax excl.)
Choose the Color
  • REI Hotel - Anticata a pennello Bianco
  • REI Hotel - Anticata a pennello Avorio
Panel size
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Right
  • Left
Handles (hover with the mouse to see the price):
  • Maniglieria con Pomoli Hotel
  • Serratura Elettronica con scheda
  • Access Control e Riscontro Elettrico - REI Hotel
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Door REI

Hotel Door Rei porta rei CONTACT The Expert of Door Rei and Hotel Furniture

Characteristics of the REI 45 Antique Wood Door Empire Kit

  • Door REI 45 Antiqued Wood Kit Empire for Hotel or for Bed and Breakfast with noise reduction 27 db


 fire resistant rei door

DOOR (60 mm thick): REI 30 door panel - REI 45 with 27 db noise reduction - we also have the rei 60 door available
ACOUSTIC CLOTHINGACOUSTIC CLOTHING: the standard noise abatement of the is 27 decibels for fire doors
 rei section for hotel hotel and b and bPan panel: : made up of a perimeter frame in dry solid wood with dried with internal insulation in mineral wool placed in a central position HDF coating panel and pantographing on the outside
 classic rei door certifiedTurbine: Double bumps only on the outside of fire doors competitive prices.
 door frame section for hotelRigid frame (mm 112x 50): slatted frame mm. 50 with hot exhaust gasket...auto expander mm. 10 and mm. 20. The frame allows to adapt to walls ranging from cm. 11 to cm.13
Flat interlocking wire covers  (mm 70 x 10 x 35): plywood, with mm. 25 fins for fitting into the frame.
Self-closing hinges:in tropicalized and adjustable double-stem steel, thickness mm. 16. Including two self-closing devices with adjustable clutch for closing
Seals: In the fire door, the seals are made of heat-expanding plastic material based on sodium silicates and hydrated components for hot fumes on the sides of the door and made of soundproof plastic for acoustic insulation on the 3 sides of the frame.
 Mobile threshold for hotel doorsMobile threshold: guillotine in aluminum section and rubber sealing gasket, applied in the lower part of the door. With its simultaneous self-leveling descent at the closing of the fire door price (included), it allows perfect acoustic insulation.
 handle for hotel doors certified rei

Brass handles: In the fire door the inside handle in solid brass and outside knob in solid brass.

passpartout panic

Passpartout panic door encryption: all doors are supplied with n. 3 keys. In addition,the Director key (MK) is supplied

Options of Door REI 45 Antique Wood Kit Empire


 door handle for soundproof hotel roomsSolid brass handles: in brass or chromed finishes.
 hotel door with electronic lock

ILock electronic handle and lock:

The i-lock electronic locks have a modern and elegant design that allows installation in any environment, with an extremely simple operating mechanism. Communication is with 128-bit encrypted RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology

 door opening with badge

External door controller: the use of the card, allows control to the access of the rooms, supplied with 3 keys and one passepartout. In the package it is also included an electric striker for opening the door (low voltage).

 door opening with QR code QR read

NIGHT ARRIVALS .... no problem

Send the QRead code to the client by email or whatsapp and the client can enter the room without any problem

- Avoid the delivery of physical keys at impossible times - Avoid the inconveniences caused by the loss of physical keys

- Avoid giving the keys to third parties.

Approaching the q-read image with the mobile phone and the door opens .


  • Certifications
 REI 30 certification REI 45 door for hotel

Test certificate n ° CSI1041RF issued pursuant to the decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 14 December. 1993. Homologation certificate (ME200REI045P001) issued by the Ministry of the Interior - Department of the Fire Brigade, public aid and civil defense - attesting to the class of fire resistance REI 45

door soundproofing certification for hotels

Soundproofing certificate 27 db

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Video Tutorial for an easy and correct installation of our Rei 45 doors for hotels, with subsequent application of the boiserie paneling.

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