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Aladino, the home automation system for remote hotel management

Aladino, the home automation system

In such a complicated period as the one we are experiencing, the remote management of hotels and accommodation facilities plays an even more important role. Because it can guarantee transparency and safety, even from a health point of view.

This is why we decided to launch a new, innovative solution that currently has no equal in Italy, and probably in Europe. This is Aladino, a home automation system that adapts to all types of establishments, from bed & breakfasts a few steps from the sea to hotels in the city centre.

Today we have the pleasure of showing you how it works.
Aladdin: manage your own hotel without being in the hotel

The idea behind Aladino is simple, and is based on the following question: "How to guarantee hotel managers and guests the possibility of enjoying a simple, contactless and rapid experience?"

Two basic considerations arose from this question:

    For managers, the need is to be able to count on a modular infrastructure that allows complete control of their structure even remotely, without the need to always be present on site or having to delegate their duties to others;
    For guests, the need is increasingly to be able to organize their holiday according to their own needs of times and times.

With the Aladino system, it is possible to meet both these needs in an easy and intuitive way.
How does the Aladdin system work?

The Aladino system can be installed quite simply. From the hardware point of view, the most important element is the home automation control unit. This component is able to manage both power inputs and outputs. And therefore, remote control can be exercised on:

    bathroom alarms;
    smoke sensors;
    Courtesy lights;
    electric locks;
    light sensors;

Once the control unit has been installed, the manager will be able to control all the connected electronic devices thanks to a simple interface. The control of the various devices takes place through the use of indicators that can be activated with a simple tap on your smartphone.

Chiavi elettroniche apertura camere

At the same time, the system interface allows you to have a precise vision of the events. At any time, in fact, you can check the status of the connected devices. For example to verify that all the lights in a room are actually closed.
E-KEY electronic keys

In addition to guaranteeing remote control, the Aladino home automation system allows precise management of access to the rooms. In fact, the manager can easily create timed electronic keys, called E-KEYs. That is to say, with validity equal to that of the booking period chosen by the guest of his own structure.

Specifically, the key consists of a web address, which obviously can be sent to the customer via email, or via WhatsApp or any other messaging system. Once the link has been opened, the traveler will find himself in front of a screen like this:

E-key chiavi elettroniche

By acting on the indicators of the various connected devices (for example "Door" or "Portoncino"), the guest can unlock the various elements. Thus, opening the door to your room becomes really simple and intuitive.

At the end of the booking period, the E-KEY electronic key is deactivated, and therefore can no longer be used by guests to open the room. If you try to use the electronic key after the expiration date, you will receive a message like this:

the advantages of the home automation system

i vantaggi del sistema di domotica

The advantages of this home automation system

The advantages of the Aladino home automation system are numerous, both for those who manage accommodation facilities and for travellers.

As for the managers, among the major positives we find:

    The possibility of being able to manage your structure remotely and in a "smart" way;
    The electronic keys can also be used by service personnel, depending on the pre-established working hours (if cleaning takes place in the morning, for example, the keys will be deactivated in the afternoon);
    The ability to receive emails for each event related to the use of utilities and equipment;
    Total control over the use of electrical devices in your facility.

Guests, on the other hand, can independently organize their holiday. Once you have received the E-KEY electronic key, you don't need anything else. The use of magnetic keys or cards becomes superfluous, and the danger of losing them disappears.

Acquistia il tuo sistema di domotica Aladino sul sito Guestkey

Buy the Aladino system on the Guestkey website

As seen, Aladino is a modern and intelligent solution, which can really give an extra gear to your accommodation facility. Click here and watch the video of the Aladino system.

To purchase our home automation system, feel free to visit the Guestkey shop page. And for any other information, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address [email protected].