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Door in wood, plastic or composite: which is safer?

Door in wood, plastic or composite: which is safer?

Door in wood, plastic or composite: which is safer?

When it comes to choosing a door for your home, there are many options to consider. Some doors are appreciated for being aesthetically pleasing, others for being durable and still others for satisfying all tastes of the public.

The most important thing, in any case, is your safety, and the tranquility of your home. There are three main types of doors: wooden, PVC and composite doors. So let's evaluate these alternatives, with particular attention to the level of security offered.
When to choose wooden doors

Interior wooden doors are often considered classic and can give a touch of warmth and tradition to any room. Available in various price ranges, and therefore suitable for different needs, the best quality wooden doors are able to last a very long time.

Wood doors certainly offer a great level of privacy, but they can also have flaws. Over the years, the effects of deformation due to atmospheric agents can worsen and render the door unusable. Also for this reason, it is necessary to choose only high quality products, such as those offered by Porte Italiane.

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Why prefer PVC doors

PVC doors have many advantages. First, they fit seamlessly into a wide variety of furniture styles. They are also available in different mechanisms and variants. A door with a PVC frame is relatively easy to clean and does not require intensive maintenance.

On the safety front, a PVC door can offer performances equal to, if not superior, to those of wooden doors. In this sense, the type of lock chosen will also be evaluated, especially in the case of entrance doors. For more information, please read our special on digital and cylinder locks.

The characteristics of composite doors

Composite doors can offer several advantages. They are made by mixing many different materials, and therefore can offer good security. They can last up to over 35 years and are inexpensive to maintain. While they may seem inferior to high-quality wooden doors, they are generally reliable and affordable, and offer excellent value for money. The thickness of composite doors can be greater than that of plastic frames, and this can lead to greater insulation action.

Furthermore, the mix of different materials makes this type of doors safe and resistant to atmospheric agents. The frame is very sturdy. In addition, multi-point locking systems can be mounted quickly and easily. Since they do not deform in the heat and do not need to be repainted, the safety of composite doors remains at the highest level even for a long time.

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Choose your next door from the Italian Doors catalog

The Porte Italiane catalog includes many proposals suitable for any type of home or context. We are able to offer interior doors for the home, security doors and technical doors for hospitals and clinics. There is no shortage of alternatives for offices and those for accommodation facilities. If you are looking for a frame capable of increasing the security of your home, office or accommodation facility, we will be able to offer you the right solution for your needs.

Also try our configurators for doors and partitions, configure your glass door, choose the measures that are right for you and immediately get an updated quote on your email.

Furthermore, for any request or suggestion, we are always available at the telephone numbers 0941 901172 and 0941 912335. We also offer quick assistance via WhatsApp, thanks to which you can write your question and receive an answer in a few minutes. This way, choosing your next door becomes even easier.