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Enhance your home with sliding wooden or glass doors

Improve your home with style and design

It doesn't take much to improve the look of your home: installing decorative sliding doors, for example, is certainly a good first step. First of all because they are beautiful to look at, and secondly because they have a functionality that is often difficult to match in other types of windows.

So here are some tips on why to install this type of internal sliding door, but also on where to best position them in order to exploit their unique potential.


porte scorrevoli in legno a scomparsa


Why install sliding doors

A design sliding door is a real piece of furniture. Its presence helps to embellish entire areas of the house, thanks to a discreet and never banal elegance.


The aesthetic aspect, then, is not everything. Sliding, pocket or sliding doors have common characteristics that immediately stand out. Among others, here are the most obvious of the sliding doors:


    They take up little space
    They are easy to use
    The installation takes little time
    They are offered in various price ranges


The great variety of models must also be considered. External sliding doors are joined by internal glass options, as well as many other variations.

Install sliding doors in the bedroom

Installing a design sliding door in the bedroom is undoubtedly an intriguing idea.


In this case, there are two options: choose to install the sliding door to delimit the entire room, or to separate a micro-area within the room. The latter case could be that of a walk-in closet, but also of a bathroom.


The choice, in situations of this kind, could fall on pocket sliding doors or casket doors. A retractable flush door model, for example, seems ideal, because it provides the necessary privacy without interrupting the stylistic continuity, which is particularly important in the place chosen for a night's sleep. Another particularly suitable alternative for this place in the house is represented by the external wall doors with mirror with invisible track.

porte a vetro scorrevoli con guida esterna


More privacy and flexibility with bathroom sliding doors

It almost seems like a stretch, but installing a designer sliding door can be a good idea even in the case of the bathroom.


Why this? First of all for the great versatility of models. In this case, the sliding doors for an external wall bathroom seem quite suitable. On the one hand they eliminate the encumbrance given by the action of the leaf. On the other hand, they offer all the privacy you need.


A flush-to-the-wall door with invisible track and decorated door, then, can also go well with the bathroom, for a combination that is as surprising as it is elegant.

Versatility and ease of use: sliding doors in the kitchen

It is often difficult to find a certain location for interior sliding glass doors. While it's fair to say that frosted glass doors provide a degree of privacy, it's also true that privacy isn't enough in areas of the home like the bathroom or bedroom.


In the kitchen, however, the context changes. Installing a design sliding door of this type can be a more than valid option. There are different models on the market, from completely transparent ones to alternatives with customizable doors.


By installing sliding glass doors for interiors, two types of advantages are obtained. On the one hand, it is possible to make all the positive sides of sliding doors your own. On the other hand, the presence of the transparent or semi-transparent door lets in a good amount of light, and does not pose problems of confidentiality or privacy.


The utility room, an area of ​​the house that is ideal for sliding doors

The utility room is the place in the house where cutlery, crockery and small appliances are often kept, as well as food and drinks. It would be quite useful, then, to be able to count on a fixture capable of taking up as little space as possible, given that these areas of the house are often particularly used.


In this case, the most common design and decor element should be simplicity. We are trying to bring more practicality to a secondary place in the house, on which we don't want to convey too much attention. Here a retractable window with brass handle can be the ideal option: cheap, practical, with a classic look that adapts to any context.


porta scorrevoli interni muro

The offer of Porte Italiane

From external wall sliding doors to concealed design sliding doors to sliding doors with invisible track. Porte Italiane offers a wide range of design windows, ideal for embellishing any area of ​​your home.

Also choose our door configurators, select the size, the model and immediately receive an updated quote directly to your email!

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