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Invisible sliding doors: assembly, prices and technical characteristics

Choose your invisible flush door on Porte Italiane

As seen, there are several reasons for choosing an invisible flush door in the Fip catalogue. From aesthetic pleasure to ease of installation, through scalable prices and advantageous purchase formulas.

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porte invisibili con specchio scorrevoli esterno muro

Porte invisibili scorrevoli: cosa sono?

Le porte invisibili scorrevoli sono infissi che uniscono le caratteristiche di numerosi altri tipi di serramenti. Prima di tutto, le porte scorrevoli. Il loro funzionamento prevede infatti l’installazione di un binario, sul quale l’anta può scorrere facilmente.

Essendo porte “invisibili”, il binario viene nascosto dal battente, dando l’impressione che la porta sia semplicemente sospesa, e adagiata lievemente sulla parete. In secondo luogo, questo tipo di infissi scorrevoli richiama le caratteristiche delle porte in vetro, e delle porte con stampe personalizzate. In questo secondo esempio, l’anta può essere arricchita da disegni di diverso tipo. È questo il caso del modello con stampa del motivo che ha impreziosito la Sydney Opera House, a sua volta ispirata alle opere di Gustav Klimt. Potete apprezzare un’anteprima della porta qui di seguito:

porte invisibile specchio con binario e cornice barocca

Alternatively, the invisible sliding doors can include a mirrored door. This simple change transforms the frame, which thus becomes a real piece of furniture, an element capable of finding space in bedrooms and other places in the house.
How are these flush-to-the-wall invisible doors mounted?

The installation of invisible sliding doors is quite easy to complete. The various stages of the operation can be seen in this video posted on our Youtube channel. The procedure is divided into a few simple steps:

    The first step is to gently remove the components from the packaging;
    Afterwards, it is necessary to place the carriage on the upper part of the leaf, and carefully measure the length of the door;
    Immediately after, you can proceed to mark the fixing points of the trolley on the wall;
    At this point, it is necessary to report the measurements previously made on the wall;
    Once that's done, you can position the carriage and dowel;
    At the same time, it is necessary to make three holes in the wall: these are the other points where the trolley will have to move to open or close the door;
    Lastly, remember to fix the stop to the floor;
    After this, it will be sufficient to insert the door in the lower stop, and hook it to the upper rail, taking care to adjust the height of the trolley.

After completing the installation, the sliding door can be used immediately.

montaggio porte scorrevoli invisibili

Invisible doors technical data sheet and characteristics of the invisible sliding doors

It's hard not to be surprised by the harmony and grace of invisible sliding doors. This unique aesthetic impact is due to advanced technical features, which allow for intuitive operation without negatively affecting the design. Some interesting details emerge from the technical sheet of these fixtures:

    The amortized rail is in invisible aluminium, with a maximum capacity of 80 kg. The assembly takes place on a pre-squared wall;
    The door panel is made of wood, with a lacquered frame in various colours;
    The opening direction can be left or right.

The applications are many. Sliding doors with invisible track can be ideal for hiding a walk-in closet, or a second bathroom in a bedroom. There is no limit to the imagination. Using suitable prints, it is also possible to exploit these fixtures to delimit the area of ​​a study, as well as an office.

doors for invisible flush-to-the-wall walk-in closets
Invisible doors: prices and other information

The prices of invisible interior doors are determined by a few simple factors. In particular:

    The color of the frame: the white alternative, the classic one, is the least expensive;
    The size of the hole: larger dimensions lead to a higher cost;
    The VAT rate: depending on the case, the rate at 4%, 10% or 22% (the ordinary rate) can be applied.

The choice of the opening direction, on the other hand, does not affect the final price.
The range of sliding doors by Porte Italiane

Our catalog reserves ample space for flush sliding doors. From mirrored models to printed doors, the alternatives are numerous and suitable for all needs.

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