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Flush-to-the-wall doors: the discreet and elegant furnishing solution

Flush-to-the-wall doors: the discreet furnishing solution

The Porte Italiane catalog has been home to a careful selection of flush doors for some time. This particular type of fixtures always manages to excite and fascinate, thanks to its unique technical characteristics.

In this article we want to talk to you about some of the most evident strengths of the doors in question. We are talking about the ease of assembly of the flush doors, the simplicity of adjustment and, last but not least, the originality of the design.

Flush-to-the-wall doors to give space to creativity

The ease of mounting doors flush with the wall

At first glance, the flush door might seem difficult to install. Unlike swing doors, in fact, it does not stand out on the wall, without therefore immediately creating a focal point. Flush-to-wall fixtures, on the other hand, are totally integrated within the walls, becoming part of the environment.

Getting this effect is pretty simple. Flush-to-the-wall doors, in fact, can be:

• Installed on plastered and plasterboard walls

• Applicable on existing floors or to be built

• Leverage during renovations

Integration with the wall is guaranteed by the concealed hinges, which are hidden from view. At the same time, the jamb is invisible, while the agile frame offers sensations of lightness and comfort when the door is opened.

All these features greatly facilitate the installation of the door flush with the wall, which in fact can be completed in a short time and without interventions on the masonry. One more reason to love these fixtures, increasingly appreciated by our customers.
Adjusting the hinges is particularly easy

One of the strengths of flush doors, perhaps one of the less visible ones, is their extreme flexibility. After having installed them, in fact, these fixtures can be easily adjusted, so as to always be suitable for the surrounding environment.

One of the most common interventions concerns the adjustment of the hinges. These allow you to control the balance of the doors, so that they can be aligned at wall level, to obtain that "invisible" effect that is so suited to these fixtures.

Furthermore, by acting on the screws of the hinges, a second problem can be solved: the one concerning the failure to close the door, or the tendency of the leaf to retract, in fact causing an automatic opening. These are two defects that are usually due to an installation carried out without due attention.

Even in this case, however, acting on the screws (counterclockwise) will guarantee the desired result.

For an easy understanding see the video tutorial on adjusting the concealed hinges.

Regolazione cerniere Porte Rasomuro

The flush doors always have an original design

The so original structure of the doors flush with the wall allows you to run wild with your imagination. This is the case of the flush door with invisible magnetic lock and Onde engravings, which can be appreciated in this video.

A solution that integrates into your home in a refined way, thanks to a design that gives an idea of ​​movement without sacrificing the typical elegance of these fixtures. Furthermore, the opening of the internal doors is facilitated by the special handle.

As anticipated, in any case, flush doors are particularly flexible. Before buying, in fact, you will be able to choose:

• Panel measurements

• The sense of openness

• The type of assembly (on masonry or plasterboard)

Each option corresponds to a different price, and this allows you to obtain flexible solutions that are really close to your budget.
FITTING DIFFERENCES between different suppliers.

Difference in assembly of flush doors by Porteitaliane

Unlike the other flush to wall doors that you find on the market, the main feature of the flush to wall door by porteitaliane is that

• is already assembled, tested in the factory and shipped already assembled. You MUST NOT fit any fittings or locks or hinges!

Furthermore, our exclusive system allows you to notice already in the phase of fixing the door to the masonry if there are any differences in flatness between the door and the wall. Therefore, even when the door is freshly masoned, it will be possible to intervene to eliminate any flatness defects. And you will only have one person responsible for the assembly… the bricklayer!

     Difference in the installation of flush doors from other suppliers:

• They supply you with the frame and the disassembled door panel .... you will have to assemble the hinges, the lock and the gasket.

• They tell you to assemble the aluminum door frame first. (operation normally performed by the bricklayer)

• Next you will need to fit the door panel to the frame. (operation normally carried out by the carpenter)

Here's what happens in the vast majority of cases:

- these 2 operations are carried out by 2 different workers (bricklayer and carpenter) and in 2 different times (even several months apart)

- without taking anything away from the workers, unfortunately it often happens that the FRAME is not mounted perfectly aligned between the wall and lead or even out of square.

- when the carpenter (even after months) mounts the door and notices the imperfections.
IT WILL BE TOO LATE to fix it, so it will be necessary to either strip everything or keep the defect!!

Moreover, given that the assembly of the frame and the assembly of the door usually take place when the bricklayer has already left.... it will be complicated or almost impossible to take revenge on the bricklayer!! ........You will consult the bricklayer, who will say that the fault lies with the carpenter and vice versa!!

With our flush door by porteitaliane you won't find any of these problems!!

Choose your next flush door thanks to FIP

The Porte Italiane catalog dedicates an important space to all types of fixtures. The selection of flush doors, for example, allows you to choose the most suitable alternative for your home. There are models with hinged doors but also sliding and retractable ones. And then again mirror alternatives, with colored doors, or the very original flush-to-the-wall bookcase doors, ideal for hiding entire rooms of the house from view.
For further information on our offer, please call 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.