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Free shipping at low cost doors: Porte Italiane ships abroad!

Porte Italiane ships abroad!

The era of low-cost door shipments also abroad begins: Porte Italiane thus wants to inaugurate a new innovative project, which will allow customers from all over Europe to discover the quality of our doors with free shipping.

We have decided to enter this new dimension to try to meet those who cannot find the right internal door for their needs. We are well aware that there are thousands of alternatives on the market, and probably many of them are valid. Our proposal, however, differs from what can be found in the other countries of the Union. Because it is a typically Italian offer, and therefore full of creativity, imagination and innovation.

Below we will illustrate the advantageous international shipping rates, providing some specific examples of transport to some countries.
Calculate shipping costs with the shipping cost calculator

To make calculating shipping costs to Europe even easier, Porte Italiane provides a practical tool: the shipping cost calculator. Its operation is very simple:

    Simply connect to this address
    On the first screen, you need to select the country involved in the shipment and click on "Confirm"
    In the second screen, in correspondence with the item "Quantity of Doors", the number of doors to be purchased must be indicated. After entering the data, click on "Calculate"
    In a few moments, a quick summary of the data entered, the shipping price for each port and the final amount (corresponding to the "Total Shipping" item) will appear on the screen


The service is totally free, easy and fast, and allows everyone to have a clear idea of ​​the possible costs of shipping internal doors to Europe.


spedizione gratuita porte italiane

Some examples of rates for door shipments in Europe with free delivery.

Transporting doors over long distances can often be a problem. The questions that arise when you want to get information on this topic are the most disparate:

    How much will the shipment of the doors cost?
    If I buy more fixtures, will I be able to enjoy a discount?
    Is there free delivery?
    Does the cost of transport change according to my geographical location?

These are all more than legitimate questions, and for this we want to provide some examples that can help you better understand the transport conditions in European countries.
Example 1: purchases with destination Germany free shipping

Purchases made from Germany have slightly different rates depending on the destination. The fee for purchasing a single port is similar in all regions. For more substantial deliveries, from 30 doors upwards, Porte Italiane is able to offer totally free shipping. A unique opportunity, for example, for all accommodation facilities that want to renew their fixtures, for professional studios and companies.

Free shipping applies to all territories involved in the initiative, which include the major German lands. From Munich to Bonn, from Dortmund to Bremen: all of Germany can enjoy the quality of the products selected by Porte Italiane.
Example 2: door orders to Malta with free delivery.

An island in the center of the Mediterranean rich in history, culture and tradition. Malta is very close to Italy, not only geographically. Among the streets of its cities it is possible to hear our language, and it is easy to notice some of our architectural tendencies. Why, then, not take advantage of this commonality of styles and cultures to renew your furniture with all-Italian creations?

Porte Italiane offers low cost shipping to selected areas of Malta. Again, we are able to offer free shipping on supplies 20 doors and up.

Transport can also take place in inaccessible areas, as in the case of the city of Gozo, a location set in the so-called "island of joy". Reaching such a beautiful place, but accessible only by air, might seem like a particularly expensive affair, but it isn't. The supplies of five, 20 and 50 doors, for example, are available at very affordable prices and within the reach of private and professional customers.

porte italiane spedisce anche all'estero

Example 3: Transportation of doors to Hungary

It's time to go east. Porte Italiane offers decidedly competitive rates for international shipments also in the case of Hungary. Despite the over 1,000 km that separate Rome from Budapest, we are able to offer competitive transport conditions throughout the country.

Also in this case, the purchase of substantial supplies allows you to obtain increasingly interesting discounts, up to free shipping in the case of orders of 30 and 50 copies. All other quantities, in any case, are available at advantageous prices.

nessun costo per le spedizioni

The doors of Porte Italiane protagonists abroad

The decision to introduce the international shipment of doors at low cost rates also derives from the success that our windows and doors have already enjoyed outside Italy. The most recent case is the installation of doors flush with the wall in Paris, in a prestigious private home on the Champs-Élysées.

Our doors can even cross oceans, as is the case with Seattle Residencies in Nigeria. In this case, we have supplied internal fixtures for an important accommodation facility in Lagos, thus improving the style and aesthetics of the whole structure.

Spedizione all'estero low cost

For more information on our door shipments in Europe, write your request in the appropriate form on the contact page. In a short time we will be able to offer you the exact rates relating to your case. And in many cases, as seen, we will also be able to offer you totally free delivery!