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Hinged doors with invisible hinges: mix of modernity and elegance

Hinged door with invisible hinges

Hinged doors with invisible hinges confirm that interior fixtures always manage to surprise. Their variety allows you to choose the right model for every need, and allows you to obtain an optimal result in any context.

Today we want to talk to you about this specific type of mirrored or lacquered doors, which integrate into the environment instantly, bringing a breath of elegance and modernity.
How to create or hide walk-in closets, closets and en-suite bathrooms

Recently smaller and smaller apartments have been built, but the amount of clothes to arrange always remains the same or sometimes increases, and also the objects to hide from the sight of guests who suddenly enter the house. And not in all homes there is an emergency closet where to make all the clutter disappear. Lately we often resort to intermediate solutions, let's talk about walk-in closets, excellent solutions for maintaining order and cleanliness not only in the bedroom, but often throughout the house. A walk-in closet can prove to be an excellent ally both for keeping one's home in order and for enhancing its aesthetic appearance. Walk-in closet doors therefore play an important role in creating a style within your rooms.

Creating a hidden niche with an elegant style is easy with the Swing Mirror Interior Door.
The characteristics of hinged doors with invisible hinges

In concrete terms, it is a hinged door with invisible hinges, equipped with a door with a mirror and a lacquered finish. A concentrate of various elements that returns a unique result.

Porte a battente con cerniere invisibili e cornice barocca

As you can see from the pictures, the door has really interesting features. When closed, it looks like a mirror in all respects. So much so that those who do not know that it is a door could even think that it is only an elegant piece of furniture. This makes it possible to use this type of window to hide an environment that you want to keep secret, such as a study, a reading room, a walk-in closet or a bathroom in the bedroom.

Other notable features are:

    Ease of assembly: the installation of this type of fixture takes little time, and does not require particular interventions on the masonry. Therefore, you can quickly start using the door;
    Made-to-measure panels: we offer the possibility of choosing the size of the door, in order to adapt perfectly to the opening, and thus obtain an impeccable result in every situation;
    Suitable for do-it-yourselfers: the ease of assembly means that the door can also be installed by those who are less practical. With a little attention and dexterity, you can get to install the frame in total autonomy, and with little effort.

Invisible mirror doors: the models offered

The mirror lacquered interior door with hinges is offered in different designs. This is possible due to the great versatility of these products, which are now capable of adapting to the various styles of homes. In particular, there are two variants that we are pleased to offer in our catalogue:

    Mirrored doors: perhaps the most original alternative, the one that allows you to screen and hide a room from less attentive eyes. Available with customized panels, easy to install and very easy to use;
    Lacquered doors in any color: the ideal alternative for those who want to design their home environment down to the smallest detail. You can choose the color you prefer most. To keep up with the times, a good suggestion could be to opt for the Pantone 2021 colors of the year.

For a more sober alternative, however, you can think of the Urban model. This specific option is also available in the external wall sliding version with invisible binary mirror.

Offerta di porte interne laccate porte italiane

The offer of lacquered and sliding interior doors

There are several types of lacquered and sliding interior doors that we are pleased to offer in our catalogue. In addition to doors with invisible hinges, another highly valuable alternative is made up of doors with invisible tracks.

In these models, the door slides over the wall, giving the sensation of being suspended. Hinges and trolleys are completely hidden from view, for an impactful and absolutely original result. For more information, visit the external wall sliding door page with invisible track mirror.
The prices of the casket doors with hinges

Doors with invisible casket hinges have starting prices that change depending on the options chosen. Also in this case, the 5 factors to consider before buying interior doors, which we talked about some time ago, intervene. Specifically, it is necessary to consider:

    The size of the panel;
    The chosen colour;
    The tax rate.

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